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Resume Cover Letter Sample


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Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to apply for the security operations manager at Disneyland. I have six years of experience as a security operational manager for different organizations. My professional proficiency is aligned to the responsibilities shown in the job advertisement.

As a head of security operations management for other organizations, I demonstrated to be an enthusiastic, efficient, and strong leader. Managers discovered my professionalism once I trained and prepared an entire team of members of the security team of the organizations. The teams I created were so reliable that the organizations did not have the need to look for new employees. The teams are still operational and ensure security for the companies.

It is my belief that I am the person you need for the post. My expertise and determination will ensure that the company employs the best possible methods to ensure that the security within and around is at its optimum level. The time I spent gaining experience has enabled be to discover the best strategies and methods to meet the company’s security goals. It has been my dream for a long time to ensure security to your company as a member of the staff team.

I would be privileged to discuss the security operations manager position in greater detail. I am happy to come over at the most convenient time for you. Thank you for your time, and I am excited to hear from you.




Interview Questions and Answers 

What Are Your Goals for The Future?

My goal is to get a job that I can work with a local or international company for a long time and become a valued employee increasing responsibility and authority. My long-term goal is to become the head of security in a company after I have gradually proven my capabilities and competency in team leadership and customer service.

 Why Do You Want This Job?

Providing security has been my life dream since my father and grandfather were heads of securities. I admired how they provided the service and decided that I would join them and offer safety to people. Working in your company would be an incomparable opportunity to express my professionalism while following my passion.

Why Should We Hire You?

You should hire me since my experience and other qualifications are almost perfectly equal to the requirements in your job listing. I have six years’ experience in the security field. I have earned a lot of experience required to provide customers with world class customer service leaving guests with a good sense of safety in the premises.

What Is Your Greatest Strength?

As a security operations manager, my greatest strength is identifying security issues and solving hard-to-crack cases. I enjoy interacting with people and listening properly to ensure I capture what they say in case they are reporting a security issue. I am fluent in three languages making it possible to understand a larger variety of people in cases where foreign people are included. My security strategies are also creative and original to keep security at its tightest.

What Are Your Salary Expectations?

Online sources say that the average salary for security operations managers is around $55000 annually which is above the national average. My previous salary was $51000 annually. I would welcome over $55000 with the high cost of living here. I am open to a negotiation if a lower income comes with greater flexibility in scheduling and more time for vacation.

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