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Response: Wireshark | Discussion Forum Response Sample

As you have stated, Wireshark, originally named Ethereal, is an open-source packet analyzer. Wireshark is used for analysis, network troubleshooting protocols, education and communications protocol, and software development (Sanders, 2017). Wireshark is a free application that helps to apprehend data back and forth. Wireshark performs three things: Filtering, packet capture, and visualization. Filters in Wireshark are the fundamental reasons it became the world’s widely standard tool for packet analysis. I am impressed by your clear and concise explanation of the installation of Wireshark. To install Wireshark on windows, one needs to download the version appropriate for the particular version; for instance, if you use windows 10, get the 64-bit windows installer and install it while following the wizard. Great you have well explained how to enable Wireshark packet sniffer and how to analyze the network. Wireshark has benefits such as analyze network traffic and troubleshoot issues like dropped packets, latency issues, and malicious activities.


Sanders, C. (2017). Practical packet analysis: Using Wireshark to solve real-world network problems. No Starch Press


Response Two

As you have explained, Wireshark is the most widely used network protocol analyzer worldwide. As you have described, most of the cybersecurity world revolves around data sharing. It is necessary to monitor packets across the network at a microscopic level. Features of Wireshark include offline and live capture analysis, deep inspection of multiple protocols, most powerful filter, decompress files compressed with gzip, and rich VoIP analysis (Sikos, 2020). As you have stated, Wireshark’s robust features like a filter have made it the most preferred packet analyzer across the world. I like your clear explanation of how to install and configure Wireshark. The benefits of Wireshark include: it helps to troubleshoot issues in the network and help analyze network traffic. Wireshark can help to troubleshoot latency issues, malicious activity, and dropped packets.

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