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Response to Union organizing campaign

To: The Director of Human Resource

From: The Employee Relations Specialist

Subject: Employee Complaints and a Unionization Plan



Dear (Sir/Madam)

I am writing to you in regards to complaints brought forth by mid-Atlantic workers. They have raised the alarm about the benefits they have achieved for the past two to three years and other workplace conditions. Their concern is the small pay raises that they have been receiving. The workers have also raised an issue with limited benefits, lack of career mobility, and the security control systems put in place due to theft. These are key issues likely to affect job satisfaction (Kapur, 2018). The employees feel that there are vital issues that attract the attention of the managerial level and subsequent unionization. They are currently considering the possibility of unionization. I believe that their actions might affect the company in one way or another, and we must be heads on to avoid a situation where the business will encounter harmful outcomes. As states, unions affect employee and employer relationships, especially in line with workplace management perception (Bryson, 2005). I will communicate with all the supervisory and managerial levels to engage their teams to find the best way forward.

I have decided to write to all interested parties to liaise and see the way forward. I have sent a memo to all managers and supervisors to inform them about their actions during the union organization efforts. As Bal et al. (2008) state, leaders should leverage their power to build desirable relationships even during troubling times. I have also sent an email to all human resource officers to find appropriate responses to the issue at hand. Lastly, I have developed an outline that will be used to facilitate a meeting between the human resource officers and the leadership team. I believe that everyone plays their part to ensure that we effectively handle the organizational issues at hand. I look forward to your suggestions and the possible way forward to enable for adequate preparations on the best approach to undertake.

Yours Sincerely,


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