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From: Anissa Torres

To: Melanie McFadden

Subject: Lockdowns disclose leaders’ totalitarian instincts

Date: 22/07/2021

During Tucker Carlson’s segment on Fox news dubbed Tucker Carlson tonight, the broadcaster sought to expound on the issue of leaders clinging on to lockdown powers during the COVID 19 pandemic. All over the universe, nations that once appeared like bulwarks of conventional liberal values, freedom of gathering, property privileges, freedom of communication, and conscience, have unexpectedly deserted their long-standing customs of safeguarding the individual and now bear a resemblance to police states. For instance, Canada was deemed an unwavering and reserved area, that its key challenge was being unexciting. The changes have been rapid and dramatic, and the likely reason for it, undeniably, has been the COVID-19 pandemic.

Compared to other news broadcasters and commentators, Tucker Carlson conveys his message officially and in a serious manner. Apart from retaining an authoritative expression, he also ensures that he maintains key eye contact with viewers, making viewers feel like he is directly conversing with them. How he conveys his message to the viewers appears to be efficient as he also incorporates numerous non-verbal gestures to pass the message across to the viewers effectively. To increase the level of understanding amongst the viewership, he effectively presents the topic and provides a comprehensive background on the topic to be discussed. After presenting the news, the video clips on the news would be aired directly on the screen or play in the background as he expounds on the topic with a guest. In most cases, he similarly re-counts what transpires on the clip, making the viewers have a broad understanding the discussed topic.  Moreover, he adds his comments and opinions, which is predictable as his main task involves expounding on the diverse issues arising and effectively sharing the facts with the viewers.

Carlson typically offers films or past news articles to back his assertions. For instance, in the clip, he exhibited how Canadian police became inconsistent during their stern lockdown strategies. He displayed a clip whereby police detained individuals assembling in particular regions because of COVID-19 restraints. The broadcaster’s comments are founded on proof, such as the video clips to support his claims. This is considered to be vital for pundits to ensure important facts back all the assertions.  Failure to provide substantial facts may result in defamation lawsuits, damaging his reputation.

Given an opportunity to be a pundit or news broadcaster, I would express my sentiments in a comparable manner, mainly due to the fact that I admire Carlson’s way of articulating emerging topics. It is essential for a commentator to be commanding but also be emphatic towards the audience. Also, I would follow his technique by ensuring that I have good voice intonation, eye contact, and facial expressions. Based on sentiments, comments, or assertions, it would be vital to ensure that I provide substantial backing with proof and appropriate sources. As an anchor or pundit, it is my obligation to maintain loyalty to the facts and the truth. There should constantly be reliable information sources to back any assertions and claims made on camera to avert any misrepresentation and fake news. As a result, audiences may pay attention during the news commentary. In general, Carlson is an excellent example of a professional journalist that has built a great reputation in the media industry. It is essential to ensure that news reports are founded on proof and indications instead of simple sentiments and subjective decisions.

Thank you,

Anissa Torres.

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