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Response Essay Paper on Covid-19 | Do My Homework Assignment

Response Essay Paper on Covid-19 | Do My Homework Assignment

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on people’s lifestyles because of its disruptive nature that has transformed outcomes in the modern world. Some corporations have realized that they do not require an active workforce on site as they can work remotely and accomplish desired goals and objectives. The statement that tomorrow is not guaranteed has been vindicated by the unpredictable nature of life. When Covid-19 was first reported in China, many individuals brushed it off and proceeded to plan for different aspects of their life. However, when the deadly virus began spreading outside China to the rest of the world, it brought everything to a standstill and interfered with the different approaches that influence people’s perspectives towards life. Some industries are yet to recover while others such as eCommerce and the educations sector are coping well with the pandemic. From this realization, evaluating the impact of the pandemic will reveal certain aspects that are perceived differently across the world. In this commentary by the New York Times about unequal distribution of the high-speed internet connection, the government needs to respond to the adverse effect of the pandemic on students from low-income backgrounds.


Given the unpredictable nature of life caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, many parents are opting to work from home where they can reduce their interactions with other people to protect their interests. In the same vein, learning institutions have introduced various limitations that promote online learning than on-campus teaching to reduce the increased exposure that may affect the student population (Ali, 2020). However, the unequal distribution of internet connection in various neighborhoods has favored students from high-income areas where they have faster internet connections than their peers from low-income neighborhoods who have slow or no access to a stable internet connection. The latter have to travel longer distances to complete assignments, which deprives them the much-needed comfort that facilitates quality learning.

In the New York Times editorial, the journalists believe that the pandemic has justified the need for the U.S. federal administration to be creative in its response to the multiple problems affecting the populace. Deploying a broadband service that caters for the needs of students in low-income settlements is one of the best approaches in resolving the ongoing inequality in the learning environment. Strategically, the article focuses on convincing government officials who have the powers to introduce policies that can be implemented across the country. Likewise, the journalists are informing the readers about the devastating impact of the pandemic on the society and especially people’s quality of life. From this observation, there are different angles that demonstrate the importance of pursuing a different approach to solve the emerging situation, since the government is pressed on other matters of national importance. Nonetheless, ignoring this issue might affect the education sector through the promotion of inequality, which affects the student perspective towards learning.

Neutral or Undecide Audience

Although access to the internet has become a necessity in the contemporary community, individuals should embrace certain measures that influence their ability to purchase the social utility. When the authors of the New York Times article point at the government for the inability of children to access internet connection, one may wonder about the role of parents in exposing their young ones to an enabling environment where they can access quality education. Even though this argument is flawed according to principles of morality, many of the people in the undecided category may direct the issue to the parents because of their responsibility in providing for their children. However, the neutral population group may also explore alternative solutions to address the underlying problem, there is a need to observe the input of different stakeholders in accomplishing a lasting solution that improves the outcomes of events in the modern world.

Focused Claim

Evaluating the impact of Covid-19 on the low-income settlements will reveal a range of compromises households have to make to satisfy the basic needs (Read more from sample essay paper on impact of covid-19). Notably, internet connection is not a priority when families are struggling to raise food, rent money for shelter, and access to quality healthcare. In this regard, low-income neighborhoods are among the worst hit segments by the pandemic and are still struggling to overcome basic challenges affecting their interactions with other people (Jay et al., 2020). From this realization, invoking the government to deploy a broadband service to the settlement will have a significant impact on addressing the widespread inequality in the education sector. Likewise, individuals will benefit from the government intervention and focus on more pressing issues without succumbing to the pain of having to choose between basic needs and exposing their children to a quality education program. With its well-distributed infrastructure and access to capital, the government can introduce various programs that are focused on improving the quality of life in low-income settlements.

Eliminating the need of travelling to distant locations where they can access free and stable internet connection will encourage students to accomplish their desired goals and objectives in the learning environment. By utilizing the hours wasted through the travels, students can even engage in research activities where they can learn ahead of the instructor and introduce measures that influence their attitudes towards learning. In the same vein, the government will demonstrate its efficiency in addressing the pressing issue and its commitment in safeguarding the welfare of its citizens. Since the limited access to internet connection is a problem that promotes inequality in the learning environment, there is a need to accomplish different goals and objectives in the modern world.

Alternative Views

While a majority of individuals are sympathetic to the affected student population, some sections of the public may feel that the government is doing a lot already in mitigating the dangerous effects of the pandemic on the American population. In this regard, many individuals may be coerced to push the government to develop measures that address the underlying issue. Importantly, access to the internet has become a necessity that exposes people to unlimited information that enables them to make informed decisions in their day-to-day activities (König & Seifert, 2020). Community leaders should encourage Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to expand their operations to the low-income settlements where they can offer affordable packages that appeal to the changing needs of individuals. This way, it becomes easier for the families to install broadband service that enables their children to complete assignments with ease. Instead of shifting the blame to the government, encouraging ISPs to increase their coverage in low-income settlements is one of the approaches that can be used to improve outcomes in the affected regions. By so doing, the students and the ISPs will benefit from the increased coverage that will enable students and parents to work from home while leaving the government to focus on more pressing matters that involve the general public.Pay Someone To Do My Homework For Money

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