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Research Problem

Delays have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and contribute towards the general perception towards different brands in the corporate world. In this case, CAP Airlines is battling with an underlying issue caused by flight delays that has stretched beyond the average wait durations. It is a common occurrence for airlines to conduct brief surveys issued through questionnaires to identify the different areas that require improvement to accomplish their desired objectives. This study seeks to examine how delays affect the ability of airlines to conduct service evaluations during their operation hours.

Management Problem

At ay given time, company managers are expected to develop a set of reforms that influence the different approaches organizations can use to accomplish their desired outcomes. In many instances, airline leadership is responsible for the formulation of different policies that enhance their operational performance in the competitive aviation space. While the organizations can incorporate views from different stakeholders, there is a need to identify the best approaches that can be introduced to accomplish the expected outcomes. In this regard, CAP Airlines leadership is suffering from a growing inability to develop viable solutions that improve the customer experience due to its incapacity to conduct service evaluations.

Question Two

  1. True

Daniels has succeeded to provide the reader with a clear background of the problem. By reading his research proposal, one can understand the different issues that influenced him to undertake the study. The problems facing CAP Airlines have been identified.

  1. True

One can easily tell that this study is focused on establishing how delays affect service evaluations. Even though customer experience and satisfaction are critical, this proposal leans towards the impact of delays on company performance.

  1. False

The problem statement is overly ambiguous and deters the reader from understanding the research objectives. Daniels should highlight how airlines suffer from delays and demonstrate how the problem can be resolved using service evaluations.

  1. False

By making the problem statement precise, Daniels will highlight the different issues that can affect the credibility of the research process. Besides, the approach will demonstrate how assumptions can be avoided because of their impact on authenticity of the study.

  1. True

The problem statement guides the reader into understanding the importance of conducting the study. The researcher highlights the impact of the problem by highlighting different incidents that influenced the outcomes of events in the competitive corporate world.

  1. True

Exploring the problem statement will reveal the different approaches that can be used by corporations in the aviation industry. Notably, delays in the industry have a significant impact on customer experience and company performance. Therefore, creating a scenario where outcomes can be achieved and the different factors studied can yield positive results for CAP Airlines.

  1. True

The research questions demonstrate the direction of the study and the different elements that will be studied to improve outcomes. Understanding the different concepts is critical to the realization of viable solutions that meet the changing consumer needs. Therefore, demonstrating the focus of the research besides delays is important in guiding the reader to understand the various components of the study.

  1. True

Question Three

This study findings will enable CAP Airlines leadership to develop policies that respond to stakeholder concerns. Besides, the outcomes will highlight the different approaches that can be used to improve the company’s performance in the business environment. Notably, delays have been associated with low customer satisfaction and as such, this research will demonstrate how airlines can reduce the impact of delays on their general performance.

Question Four

While the research design section discusses the hypotheses of the study and the data collection method, there is a need to observe the missing methodological approach that will be used to conduct the research. The research type is also absent, compelling the reader to speculate as to whether it will be qualitative or quantitative. Importantly, Daniels should demonstrate how the research design will fit the study problem and focus on its ability to solve different issues affecting the performance of CAP Airlines and other players in the aviation industry. In the same vein, the scholar should also discuss how the findings will be analyzed before justifying the selected research methods. Lastly, this section should highlight the potential limitations that will arise and interfere with the overall credibility of the study.

Question Six

A literature review explores existing sources and their approach in solving underlying problems. By incorporating a literature review in this paper, Daniels will explore the impact of delays in the aviation industry and how they contribute towards the inability of aviation industry players to accomplish their goals. Besides, the review will allow Daniels to explore other aspects such as flight management and other leadership attributes that are critical in the development of essential outcomes in the competitive airline business environment. However, Daniels will use the recommendations provided by the existing studies to embark on a unique pathway that favors CAP Airlines.

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