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Research Proposal on Sexual identity and LGBTQ in New York city

Same-sex sexual activities between consentingadultsarelegal in New York City since the  New York v. Onofre case in 1980. On the other hand, Same-sex marriage has been legal in the statesince 2011, where some cities have since 1998 recognized domesticpartnershipsbetween same-sex couples(EQUALDEX, 2021).


New York City is known as the birthplaceofthe gay rightsmovement, and hence has become an immigration hub for most LGBTQ members due to the suitable environment, and always that ensure that all members of the LGBTQ community feel protected and appreciated.

Many dwellers in New York City have open-minded attitudes and accept the LGBTQ community, making the city one of the most popular destinations amongst LGBT travelers.  There is hence aneed to undertake athorough evaluation and analysis on thefavorablefactors that make New York City a favorable destination for the LGBTQ, wherefactors such as living environments, neighborhoods, and work environment help the sexual minority to be comfortable and also be ready to work and stay in the city.

Research Questions

  1. How is the environment of New York City concerningthe treatment of the people of the LGBTQ community?
  2. Whatfactors make it favorable for LGBTQ members to prefer New York City over the others?
  • Why do people feel more comfortableexposing their sexual identity in New York City compared to other areas in the country?
  1. What lessons can other cities learn from New York to treat and live with persons of the LGBTQ community?

Literature Review

Manyscholarly articles and publications have been written on LGBT in the United States, and specifically New York City. The articlesexplore the rights of the LGBT and how the currentsystem has treated members of the sexual minority community.  Most of thesestudiesanalyzefactors that make it favorable to be a member of the sexual minority in the city and the type of environment the city offers.

According to EQUALDEX(2021), it is illegal to discriminate or make any hatefulremarksagainst any member of the LGBT community in New York. The sexual orientation Nondiscrimination Act makes it unlawful for anyone in the entire New York State to get discriminatedagainst in credit, housing, unemployment, andpublicaccommodations based on their perceived sexual orientation(Lewis, 2018).  The courts in New York State have made it clear that the Act protects all transgender people. The New York State Human Rights Law prohibits any form of discrimination based on sex and/ or disability.

New York City encourages diversity, where there are people ofdifferentbeliefs, ideologies, cultures, races,and sexual orientations.  Art and cultureare a significant component of the city, whereparticular establishmentsarecommitted to providing LGBTQ – focused entertainment and education. The city is home to the world’s “first dedicated LGBTQ art museum,” the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art(Goicochea, 2017). It also has significantevents such as the NewFest, a famous film festival dedicated to showing the LGBT experience. This is evident of the city’sinclusive a d non-discriminatory events, whichfavor both the LGBT tourists andlocals(DBpedia, 2021). The city is favorable for multiple dating apps designed for the LGBTQ community, including Hornet, ChaynadWaap, all of which are favorablemethods for meeting and mingling in the city. The pinnacle of the LGBT culture in New York City is the New York pride. This entails the Gay pride march, which began in 1970, and has evolved to be a week-long celebration of the history, present,and future of LGBT(Goicochea, 2017) . This is an excellentattraction for LGBT travelers worldwide, who travel to witness the amusements and community support in the city.



To attain the study’s set goals and objectives,there will be a need to have an in-depthresearch methodology. For this particular study, there will be the use of both primary and secondary methods to acquiresuitable e information that will ensure that all issues are addressed.

Data collection

The data collection methodwill mainly entail online surveys, which will aim to collectrelatable information from experts, scholars, and personsconversant with the environment and attitude of New York Citydwellers towards the LGBT community in the city. Secondary data, on the other hand, will help in complementing the collectedprimary data.  After data is collected, there will be qualitativemethods of dataanalysis, which will ensure that only the relevant data is used for the final findings and recommendations for the study.

Ethical Guidelines

The entire study will ensure to ensure ethicalguidelines required for any research. This will include ensuring that participation in the study is voluntarywithout coercion. The study willalso ensure to abide by the set moral guideline. This will include honesty, transparency, and respect for privacy for all the respondents.

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