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Research Process | Dissertation Writing Help

Research Problem and Questions

  • Will the introduction of a tuck shop within the school’s premise translate to a feasible business opportunity?

From this research problem, there is a need to identify the best approaches that people should use to accomplish their desired goals and objectives in the business environment. Even though there is a ready market in the specified location, there is a need to approach the business environment with a unique proposition that will discourage other investors from pursuing the market. Likewise, the spending power of the target consumer group will largely influence the nature of outcomes in the business environment.

Research Questions

  1. When is the best time to introduce the tuck shop in the learning environment?
  2. What are some of the factors that should be considered before establishing the tuck shop in the designated location?
  3. How does the spending power of the students influence the products and services offered by the tuck shop?

Conducting market research to identify the challenges that hinder individuals from doing business in the location is important. In this regard, identifying the challenges will not only influence the decision-making process of the business entity but also enhance the perspective towards doing business in the premise. Besides, the consumer spending power should influence the nature of products stocked in the tuck shop. By developing solutions to these concerns, it becomes easier to approach the market and achieve desired outcomes.


Hypothesis 1

The introduction of a tuck shop in the learning premise will yield favorable outcomes because of the availability of a ready market and demand for fast moving consumer goods. Establishing a business entity in this environment will create business opportunities for the tuck shop because of its ability to introduce individuals to access products and services at their convenience.

Hypothesis 2

It is largely believed that the students’ disposable income will originate from their upkeep money or from working in multiple jobs within the learning institution. To supplement their income streams, many students may be involved in home delivery programs or work a certain number of hours for the school’s facility to raise their disposable income. Some of the products that should be stocked in the tuck shop include self-care commodities, snacks, and other fast moving consumer goods because of the unpredictable purchasing patterns.


The purpose of this survey is to understand how the average student spends their time outside the classroom context. Accessing this information will help with the study to develop findings that can guide individuals into making informed business decisions. In the same vein, your correspondence will play a critical role of examining the viability of setting up a tuck shop in the learning premise and the type of products that should be stocked to promote a certain level of convenience that benefits the consumer. Your input will be largely acknowledged. Thank you for taking your time to participate in this study.


  1. Will you recommend this college to your peers?
  2. Are you satisfied with the measures put in place by the institution to expose you to knowledge and other aspects of life?
  3. Extremely satisfied
  4. Very satisfied
  5. Satisfied
  6. Neutral
  7. Dissatisfied
  8. Does the institution’s cafeteria provide adequate supply of self-care products and other fast-moving consumer goods such as snacks?
  9. Extremely satisfied
  10. Very satisfied
  11. Is it easy to obtain alternative self-care products outside the school cafeteria?
  12. Extremely satisfied
  13. Very satisfied
  14. How satisfied are you with the cleanliness and variety of food items available in the school cafeteria?
  15. Extremely satisfied
  16. Very satisfied
  17. Satisfied
  18. Neutral
  19. Dissatisfied
  20. Very dissatisfied
  21. Extremely dissatisfied
  22. How do you find the hostel area?
  23. Extremely crowded
  24. Very crowded
  25. Somewhat crowded
  26. Not so crowded
  27. Not at all crowded
  28. What do you think introducing a tuck shop within the hostel?
  29. Convenient
  30. Somewhat convenient
  31. Inappropriate
  32. How likely are you to continue attending school this year?
  33. Extremely likely
  34. Very likely
  35. Somewhat likely
  36. Not so likely
  37. Not at all likely
  38. Do you have a part time job?
  39. Yes
  40. No
  41. If yes, how many hours do you work your part-time job?
  42. I don’t have a job
  43. 1-10 hours a week
  44. 11-15 hours a week
  45. 16-20 hours a week
  46. More than 20 hours a week
  47. Do you have alternative sources of income?
  48. Yes
  49. No
  50. If Yes, please indicate in the text box below


  1. What are some of the self-care products you regularly purchase? Please indicate in the textbox below.


  1. How willing would you be to purchase them from our tuck shop as opposed to your preferred outlets?

The Link Between the Questionnaire and Research Questions

The questionnaire and the research questions are closely linked and guided by the position adopted by the hypothesis because of its impact on developing informed business decisions in the market. With the hypothesis acting as a bridge for both the questionnaire and research questions, the study will focus on developing appropriate decisions to benefit from the ready market for different consumer goods.

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