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Research Designs Responses

Student 1

I found that the researcher’s design was strategic and well organized for examining to what extent does childhood victimization leads to an increase in the number of children that participate in promiscuity, prostitution, and teenage pregnancy. The mixed-method approach strategically used both qualitative and quantitative research.  Ideally, promiscuity, prostitution, and teenage pregnancy can be factored in the spread of sexually transmitted diseases as well as an increase in human trafficking. The researcher paired the subjects with neglected and non-neglected issues within a week of birth to effectively control the research on the subjects. The researcher conducted qualitative analysis through interviews and determined prostitution, teenage pregnancy, and promiscuity through quantitative analysis in terms of abuse and gender. This research method is effective since it tries to eliminate any outside influences that may impact the results.

Student 2

The research design was coherent and logical since it focused on examining the definition of the term “human trafficking” in the UK and International levels. The researcher relied on qualitative research which was an adequate approach to examine the definition of human trafficking. Considerably, there is a lack of information with the definition of the term in certain groups such as male prostitutes, female sex workers, and transsexuals. Qualitative research is appropriate for this research since the study does not focus on the relationship of human trafficking with variables. Additionally, qualitative research should facilitate the understanding of a human or social problem based on detailed views of informants. Therefore, the researcher appropriately relied on qualitative research as an inquiry process on the definition of human trafficking.

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