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Research papers must adhere to the correct format that demonstrates the ability of the scholar to confine their arguments within the expected standard of writing that guarantees their authenticity and credibility. In many instances, different disciplines require scholars to adhere to specific formats to influence the readers’ perspectives towards the topical issue. However, conventional research standards require individuals to expose the reader to an introduction where they can understand the importance of the topical issue and the different justifications that validate the study of the research problem. This study explores the decline of the taxi cab following the emergence of new and innovative taxi-hailing apps such as Uber and Lyft in the U.S. and beyond. From this realization, readers already have a shallow understanding that dictates their perspectives towards other study components by viewing the approaches highlighted in the table of contents.


In the introduction, the student exposes the reader to the purpose of the study, where aspects such as competition from emerging technology are discussed to identify its impact on the traditional taxi business model. However, the scholar indicates that specific approaches can be explored to enable the taxi business model to regain leverage over the emerging taxi-hailing concept, which is perceived to be powerful than other business models. Since many people may not be familiar with the impact of the emerging technology on the taxi business, the researcher provides a context, which offers a background report on the topical issue.

The problem statement plays a significant role in highlighting the importance of the research and why it should be analyzed or studied in length. Likewise, the research questions indicate the tenets that will be followed to respond to the primary issue affecting the once-thriving taxi business model and the approaches that can be used to revive the dying business model. Besides, the hypothesis demonstrates the scholar’s position and its focus on the study, a move that is critical in the realization of desired outcomes that influence the changing needs of individuals. However, the study does not provide a literature review, which is supposed to demonstrate the views held by other scholars on the topical issue. Likewise, the research does not discuss the research methods, designs, and data collection techniques that will be used in extracting information from the sample population.


While the study failed to include the literature review, research method, and data collection sections, I am satisfied with the justification for conducting the research, which was provided in the introduction segment. The scholar exposes the reader to a wide range of background information that highlights the changes that have been triggered by the emergence of the new technology concepts. Notably, the study takes a deep dive, which presents the reader with an opportunity to understand the role of technology in developing viable solutions that respond to societal problems affecting individuals in their surroundings. Even though the context of the study is not detailed, the inclusion of graphs and other statistical pieces of information plays a critical role, which highlights the importance of fulfilling the research goals and objectives. From this realization, statistical data provides individuals with an opportunity to overcome underlying issues that affect people in their surrounding environment.

It should be noted that the research questions play a critical role in demonstrating the researcher’s position regarding the topic of study. In this regard, the questions explore why the traditional business model is being phased out by the emerging technologies and the approaches that can be used by stakeholders to regain control over the competitive business environment. In the same vein, the study identifies certain concepts such as convenience, pricing, and public perception, which have been attributed to the ongoing exodus by consumers from the traditional taxi model. By observing the hypothesis, one can identify the researcher’s position and predict the approaches used in the research to justify their argument. However, the study should have included a literature review section to analyze the different positions adopted by scholars to resolve the issue. Besides, the study would have embraced the recommendations issued by the scholars to improve the quality of the research and customize the research methods to suit the interests of this study.

The context of the study’s research methods section could have been stretched to provide the reader with an opportunity to understand the different aspects and limitations that could interfere with the scholar’s ability to achieve the desired outcomes. In this regard, I would define the research method and align it with the context of the study to eliminate any misunderstanding that may occur due to the limited information regarding the best approaches that should have been used in the research. However, the inclusion of the survey questions and findings, as part of the data analysis section, equips the study with a certain level of credibility, which influences its ability to control the perspectives of individuals towards the research topic.

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