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Reflection Essay Example | Reflection Paper Homework Help

I was surprised when I saw that the brain is affected by poor dieting as opposed to existing knowledge, which indicates the heart or the liver to be the unfortunate organ in an unhealthy individual. In this regard, recent studies have shown how individuals are willing to take control of their lives by embracing healthy eating habits. I have started to consume healthy food products, which I believe will enable me to manage my weight-loss program. I have decided to consume junk only when it is necessary, such as the times I am meeting with my friends at a Pizza outlet.

Reading the numerous articles on how the brain is the recipient of our bad eating habits. If individuals continue to embrace the healthy eating habits that are demonstrated in the changes we are witnessing today, the world will walk away from different terminal and lifestyle diseases affecting the modern world. However, there is a need for the relevant health institutions to conduct awareness programs that remind people about their obligation towards maintaining a recommended health lifestyle. During these sessions, the public can be informed about the benefits of embracing healthy habits over junk consumption.

Consuming lots of water and fruits enables the body to obtain the much-needed nutrients to function effectively. The brain, as indicated in the articles requires these nutrients to perform its duties. While it might be difficult to demonstrate these changes between a healthy person and an unhealthy one, there is a need for the public to show these healthy decisions to benefit in the long run. Many of these healthy habits are widely sidelined because people are unable to experience short-term impacts caused by their choices. Nonetheless, taking that decision to eat healthily will have a significant effect on your olden age.

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