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Reflection and Observation on Medea Assignment | Help with Homework


Medea’s character is symbolic in regard to the kind of impression that she utilizes in creating an impression of the society she resides in. The play illustrates the monstrous woman she becomes due to the suffering she undergoes in the hands of her husband. The use of his chariot by Medea symbolizes her restricted religion as well as her superiority and power. On the other hand, Jason’s character portrays an opportunistic individual, arrogant as well as immoral. The play is based on a feminist perspective that harshly critiques a male dominated community.


The production is particularly set on the anterior of Medea and Jason’s house in a city state known as Corinth with the genre of the production expressing a dramatic tragedy. The various attires worn in the play give the impression of what the ancient individuals seen as powerful people wore. For example, Medea was dressed in a purple attire that denotes royalty and contrariwise, the nurse was dressed in an old and basic attire which illustrates inequity amongst the various characters in the production.


Chorus is utilized in the production to demonstrate the numerous themes in the production. The chorus is used to portray an idyllic Corinthian female. Nonetheless, the chorus vividly disputes Medea’s act of killing her children the sole aim of punishing Jason. The chorus accords Euripides to interrelate the moral message of the production. In addition, the drumming drone is also utilized and welcomes the audience when assembling (McDermott, 2010). It is considered as the ideal pedal-tone employed to deliver as a communication by Euripides. Every single character communicates in a rapid in a kind of aggravated hurriedness to a catastrophe.

Part B

The production has a bloody ending that forces individuals to reflect on the importance and level of morality in our everyday way of life as well as offering an understanding on women on different aspects. The production in actual fact exemplifies women motivated by the desire and rage, not dependent on acts of sympathy that may result in a doomed ending. Most members of the audience are not in agreement with the killing of innocent children as a result of jealousy. Moreover, the most distressing part of the entire production is the fact that the woman gets despite committing the atrocious acts. However, the key highlight of the play is the dispute between the sexes as both characters are viewed to be unhappy. It is not justified killing the innocent children despite her techniques proving to be successful on her retaliation on Jason.

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