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Ronald Reagan was an American president who served between 1981 and 1989. His political career had begun earlier, as the governor of California. This aided in imparting him with the necessary political skills. During his reign, he had several political, social, and economic accomplishments.

Economic Achievements

Reagan’s economic policies were centered on open trade, low taxes rates, dependence on markets, and fiscal stability. His optimism and prospects, and belief that liberal citizens contribute to economic success were the epitome of the American ideal. When elected, the nation had high unemployment rates and high inflation. Crises such as the Great Depression that was caused by counterproductive trade policies and government mismanagement of money supply, as well as the rise of totalitarianism in Europe were additional concerns. The consolidation of the Soviet syndicate posed significant threats to freedom and introduced new challenges for USA. Soviet’s financial success prompted increased government participation in the American economy. Therefore, he proposed the reduction of money supply that was contributing to high inflation. Cutbacks on confiscatory tax rates were also implemented. The Federal Reserve, however, exaggerated the stimulus of tax cutbacks triggering further economic decline.

In 1982, Reagan’s party retained its influence of the Senate, managed losses in spite of the dreadful financial times, and restored the Reagan economic program. He recommended two economic tax reforms directed to the management of taxes. Unfortunately, The Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 was considered not to be a true reform as it focused on corporate and individual taxes. However, the Tax Reform Act of 1986 was intended to have low marginal income tax rates with fewer inferences (Frankel, 2017). He fought against collectivism and contributed to the liberation of Latin America, Western Europe, and Asian governments; nations that had enforced his economic policies.

Political Achievements

President Reagan advocated for the differential use of populist language in his nationwide speeches to demonstrate a strategy of specialization. Reagan’s capacity to foster extensive coalitions by refraining from attacking particular government programs or groups of individuals enabled him to execute his unifying role of a consensual leader. He fulfilled his promise to include women in senior governmental positions when he participated in Sandra Day O’Connor’s nomination to the Supreme Court. During his second term, Reagan contributed significantly toward accomplishing a détente between the Soviet Union and the United States and ending the cold war (Ruddy, 2019). He proposed the utilization of peaceful means to resolve disputes and advocated for collaboration among leaders. Mikhail Gorbachev and Reagan signed a treaty targeting the elimination of all cruise missiles having a range of 500 to 5,000 kilometers.

The Strategic Defense Initiative in 1983 addressed the issue of advanced missile defense technologies and aimed to promote stability among nations while offsetting the Soviet Union’s nuclear threat. Many weapons were destroyed as a result of the signing of the treaty. Moreover, the tensions between the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe also reduced. Among his foreign policies was that trust among leaders could promote the end of disputes. In 1988, he achieved Soviet Union’s conformity to withdraw from the inhabitation of Afghanistan. He acknowledged that the Soviet Union had violated UN resolutions and other nations were also against its invasion. Consequently, the war ended without the Red army’s retaliation.



Social achievements

Individual freedom is priority as it enables the progress of a state. Reagan advocated for the liberty of all individuals, including the minorities. He asserted that for the successful functioning of a democratic system, all citizens must realize that they share equal rights. Reagan affirmed that drug misuse negatively impacted American society. He, therefore, ensured that he established more treatment facilities, enforced stringent laws on drug penalties, and informed the public on the effects of drug misuse on society. He introduced the anti-drug Abuse Act of 1986 to fund initiatives that were against drug misuse in America. The act included more stringent measures on the severity of punishment for drug offenders. It contributed to the decline of marijuana use, especially among high school students.

Reagan also focused on policies that were consistent with minority groups’ needs. For instance, he mentioned the importance of equity among all citizens (Bush, 2019). He asserted that his administration would avoid the discrimination of minorities and ensure the enforcement of regulations that protect them. He also recognized voting as a right of both men and women. All individuals who attained the required age to vote had the right to vote regardless of their gender or race. The government’s role among minorities was defined. Reagan endorsed the establishment of learning institutions among black individuals.

Reagan’s administration attempted to intervene on behalf of particular religious schools on the issue of tax-exempt status. The Internal Revenue Service obliged to his demands by claiming that it would no longer deny tax-exempt status for any educational, scientific, or religious organizations. Reagan’s administration outlined its support for South Africa when it was experiencing apartheid and sought to enhance relations with its government. Conclusively, Reagan had several negative influences though his achievements contributed to America’s development.




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