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Reading Techniques: SQ3R and Intensive Reading Techniques

There are strengths gotten by students while using the SQ3R reading method. Some of these strengths include; first; The SQ3R can be a valuable method of approaching a comprehensive inquiry and systematic manner (Andrés, 2020). This process of inquiring makes learners become active readers and more aware of the text they are reading. Second, the procedure of SQ3R is excellent; survey and question steps make learners acquire the sense and knowledge of the comprehensive they will read. Lastly, Recitation in the SQ3R method helps learners store information in long-term memory. One of the drawbacks of the SQ3R method is time effectiveness. SQ3R method contains more steps that require much time and have a complex process.

As an individual, I select the intensive reading method. This method involves students reading in detail with specific learning goals and tasks. The students read a comprehensive and pit it chronologically. Intensive reading steps include skimming a text, scanning the text to connect headings to paragraphs, and scanning the mix-up subsection (Santamaría, 2019). Stephen King held that all people are mentally ill, and horror movies help the spectator get rid of the pessimism without repercussions. According to Stephen, every person has a dark inner yearning that should not be reacted upon. Seldom are these yearnings as terrible as the move shown in the films, so watching the unpleasant yearnings acted out helps the spectator to get rid of the inner yearning of evil. The suppressed emotions and thoughts are released prudently. Horror moves offer audience cleansing for the sentiments which are destructive to an enlightened society. The intensive reading method helped me understand the lexicon by reckoning the meaning of words in the text. It has also helped me to retain the information for a long time.

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