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The article on voting discusses the changing norms in politics that influence people’s perceptions and decisions to take part in elections. The onset of significant changes in the society is predetermined by the decisions people make on the ballot box toward ensuring that they choose the best and most qualified leaders.

Reaction Paper: Voting Decisions

News Article: Levitz, E. (April 26, 2020). Why Americans Don’t Vote Their Class Anymore. New York Intelligencer.

The reasons why people vote and what influences their decision and taking part in the election is a fundamental aspect in politics. The transformations of political dispensation continue to devalue its significance as it has been eroded with dishonesty and inefficiency in transforming people’s lives (Levitz, 2020). This has battered the confidence and determination among voters when it comes to taking part in the ballot-box. It has also has led to insignificant developments and lack of realization of vital changes. Therefore, voter turnout and apathy are crucial features that contribute to poor ballot box behavior and adversely affecting the society.

Rhodes (2015) notes that for democracy to prevail and live up to Abraham Lincoln’s famous phrase “a government of the people, by the people, and for the people”, citizens’ involvement is paramount. However, the progression of politics has led to people feeling more and more sick and tired of empty promises with lack of developments after elections. This leads to Russell Brand’s argument that politics is as good as dead since it cannot advance the course of democracy. The question of voter turnout elicits profound arguments and concerns to understand the disparities as to why some societies and elections attract high voter turnout while others experience low voter turnout. For instance, the U.S. mid-term elections in 2014 illustrated a growing trend that has been characterized by an increasingly low voter turnout (Rhodes, 2015). The voter turnout decline baffles the society and affects their ballot box behavior. Voting is paramount to induce the necessary change by electing leaders who might lead toward societal transformation (Levitz, 2020).

High voter turnout in places such as Scotland during the Scottish independence referendum attracted as high as eighty-five percent of the population (Rhodes, 2015). The large numbers of voter turnout in the ‘anti-austerity’ party to power in Greece portrays a different trend than in American politics. Levits (2020) argues that, voter turnout is influenced by self-interests that people believe to be the guiding principles for ballot-box behavior and voter turnout. Voters’ interests and desires are critical to influencing decisions, and the political capacity to restore hope and trust (Capal, 2008; Levitz, 2020; Rhodes, 2015).

In American politics, the growing influence and power of international corporations question the significance of politics in the country. The aspect of globalization deteriorates as the country becomes more diversified. Additionally, voters are likely to pursue politics only if they directly impact on their lives. The capacity of the corporations to support and influence politics also deters the voters from taking part in the exercise. According to Levitz (2020), the voter apathy is a significant problem in the U.S. This calls for concerted efforts to ensure that it can restore trust with the politicians despite the party affiliations and ideological differences. The core intonation of American politics should only be focused on the greater good of all citizens – minority, majority, or any ideological and partisan beliefs that shape the opinions and decisions of the Americans.


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