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Reaction Paper on Drug trafficking, corruption, and violence


Corruption involving government officials has been named the most significant impediment in fighting drug-related violence in Mexico and beyond. Organized criminal groups rely on bribery to remain undetected while they can comfortably undertake their operations. In a 2014 report by the California Attorney General, transnational criminal organizations thrive by exploiting border weaknesses. Hence, overcoming criminal gangs requires governments to develop effective measures that respond to the changing geopolitical landscape.

Information Summary

In Drug trafficking, corruption, and violence in Mexico, Stephen Morris explores the relationship between organized criminal groups and the government despite lodging a fierce fight against illegal activities. In detail, Morris demonstrates the influence of corruption on Mexico’s violence and how it extends beyond the country’s borders (Morris, 2013). On the other hand, the 2014 report highlights how the Mexican government’s inability to contain drug trafficking has influenced outcomes in the American context (Office of the Attorney General of California, 2014). Observing the two reports’ findings enables one to comprehend the impact of corruption and violence on a country’s growth and development.


I believe the two scholarly reports highlight the cause of the underlying drug problem in Mexico, the U.S., and the rest of the world. Notably, the U.S. federal administration and the Mexican government have demonstrated their ability to contain the drug trafficking menace. However, drug trafficking remains operational despite the governments’ implementation of stringent measures to combat crime. Even though the sources highlight corruption as the most significant impediment to halting drug trafficking, they fail to offer a permanent solution that can be used to curb the problem.


Governments worldwide should develop long-term measures that solve the drug trafficking problem by weakening the networks of organized criminal groups. Notably, government officials involved in corrupt practices should be jailed because they influence the government’s efforts to safeguard people’s interests.

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