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Race and Ethnicity | College Homework Help

Race and ethnicity are words used to describe population sections. While race expresses the physical traits of a person, ethnicity is associated with the cultural factors of the human race. Also, the race is a trait that one is born with while ethnicity is passed on in form of education. The race is linked to biological factors whereby one inherits the traits from their parents such as hair and color of the skin. Most people consider to acknowledge themselves with a certain ethnicity as opposed to their race. Ethnicity is a broad term as it involves how people express themselves culturally. When the government of the United States is documenting race and ethnicity data, they do so to ensure that each group of people is catered for when funding their services (Morin, 2020). Class and race have continued to play a big role in the politics of the United States. The two have greatly affected the economy. For instance, blacks face unemployment more than whites (Hooker and Tillery, 2016). The result of this disparity is that most of the blacks live below the poverty line.

A situation of discrimination I have witnessed is discrimination due to race. The police officers believed that the individual was a criminal because of the car he was driving. They stopped him and demanded his license. After interrogation, they decided to let him go. The fact that the individual was a person of color made the police think badly of him to an extent of stopping him amid the traffic. Discrimination is one form of institutionalized discrimination whereby the police arrest people of color for no particular reason (Schafler, 2014). Racial discrimination involving the police and citizens has been observed across the United States over some time.

Racial discrimination is rampant in the employment industry. According to Make It Our Business (2017), several methods can be applied in the workplace to avoid the vice. As a CEO, one should ensure that there is diversity in the place of work. Employing people with diverse characteristics will ensure all persons are equally served. Educating the employees on the effects of racial discrimination will enable the employees to love one another to avoid conflicts. Creating policies that discourage racial injustices will prevent the employees from behaving irresponsibly towards people from different races. Creating a communication base whereby the employees give their views will provide a safe and comfortable environment to work in. Employing these factors will ensure that racial discrimination is reduced or not practiced in any way while at the workplace.

For older adults to be able to participate fully in the community, psychosocial factors must be included in their lives. However, the social participation of these individuals is largely influenced by cultural beliefs. Older people tend to live in a comfort zone and rarely engage themselves in social activities. They are often isolated and rarely have social contact. These aging issues can be solved by engaging the elderly in social activities. Social interactions include organizing social activities within a familiar setting. While older people are deemed as individuals responsible for taking care of the family, it is essential to involve them in social activities outside the home setting to give them time to interact with others. Culturally, the elderly do not like participating in religious events. Creating events that fit them will make them have a sense of belonging (Aw et al., 2017). These activities will ensure that the aged are not affected by loneliness since they are actively engaged in community activities.

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