Question One: Gender, Masculinity, and Femininity

There is noticeable variability between males and females in today’s human community. The dissimilarities are more beyond dressing and physical appearance. Women have not appropriated the same roles men are allocated, nor does any community give men the same advantages as women. Differences do not only exist in anthropological patterns of role expectation and dress. More differences emerge if research is done beyond cultural supposition and study persons’ deportment and perceptual tests and wise responses. People are used to thinking about the naturalness of male/female differences. They forget that differences in sex organs do not imply that the males and females will also vary in their secondary sex features such as weight and height. Some classification the coloring and the size of males and females are similar that experts cannot differentiate the sexes. The point is maleness and femaleness do not imply significant differences in behavior simply because the primary sex characteristics differ. However, this does not imply that biology is not substantial. This composition will discuss how males and females differ in gender roles, physically and in responsibility.

Humans are sexually hermaphroditic. Males have heavier skeletons and are taller than females. Females have a broad sternum. Male’s body weight is more proportionate in muscles; females have more proportion of weight in fat. Males have more grip strength, slightly larger lungs, and heart, and greater uptake of oxygen. The human community has a propensity of viewing more muscled and taller as better. This may be prejudice toward males. Genuine choice favored these traits in males, but a different one in females (Holbrook, Fessler & Navarrete, 2016). For instance, because females give birth, selection favored earlier halting of growth in females such that the nutritional needs of a child do not compete with the growing demand of the mother. Males grow continually for years after pubescence, but females gain their height shortly after pubescence.

Similarly, there is evidence that males are more affected by nutritional shortages than females. Males and females can build their muscles and improve their physical fitness capacity by training. Given this capability, cultural factors like how much the community expects and allows females and males to get involved in muscular activity could change the level to which males and females end up differing in aerobic work capacity and muscularly. Same training for both males and females may decrease the differences between males and females in some athletic events like swim and marathons.

According to Connel, gender can be expounded as the form in which the procreant ground involves human reproduction and bodily construction (Gahman, 2020). Connel prescribes masculinity as a place in gender relations, practices through which women and men involve that gender place, and the influences of these activities on bodily experience, culture, and personality. From the Channels prescribe, masculinity can be condensed as having three parts. First, a person can move through practice regardless of gender into the social location. Second, it is a set of characteristics and rules understood to be masculine. Third, when these practices are embodied mainly through males and females, they have a tremendous social and cultural effect. There is a person’s effect holding the masculine position and how persons experience their sense of self, bodies, and how they project that self to others. These being individuals’ effect, it is necessary to point out that, masculinity is not epiphenomenal to a person’s experience or expression. Femininities and masculinities can become gender forecast in the lives of persons; however, they do not refer to specific kinds of people. Instead of having or possessing masculinity, individuals produce masculinity by involving themselves in masculine activities.


Masculinity is a recognizable set of activities beyond space and over a period and is taken up and approved collectively by societies, groups, and communities. Through their repeated endorsement over space and time, these practices structure the distribution and production of resources (Scott et al., 2017). Significantly, gender hegemony functions not just through the subordination of femininity to hegemonic masculinity but also through the marginalization and subservience of other masculinities. Hegemonic masculinity can be prescribed as the arrangement of gender activities that embodies the currently accepted answer to the legitimacy of patriarchy, which guarantees the dominant position of male and female subordination.

Hegemonic masculinity, when incorporated by at least some male over space and period, legal males dominate over female as a group. Femininities are not hegemonic; all femininity in the community is built in the context of the overall subordination of females to males (Messerschmidt, 2018). Femininity is central to male dominance over females but is not the sole mechanism that upholds men’s dominance over women. Complicit masculinities are masculinities made in a way that realizes the patriarchal dividend. Without the risk or the tensions of being the frontline troops of patriarchy. To the extent that hegemonic masculinity encourages men dominance, the all-male benefit on most levels even though males do not have to be on the front line. Some masculine characteristics and activities are hegemonic, although some are not. Focusing on what males do will not necessarily show how hegemonic masculinity is implicated in gender hegemony.

Masculinity constitutes a scope of dramaturgical performances individuals manifest through face-to-face interaction. Masculinity is an accomplishment of human actions that appears natural because gendered persons adhere to a standardized set of myths they learn through daily encounters and interactions, thus accepting as a social reality. Over their formative time and beyond, young male are encouraged by their teachers, peers, parents, and coaches to acquire a socially constructed vision of manhood, a set of traditional beliefs that prescribe what male ought to be like: self-confident, physically strong, dominant, persistent, dependable, responsible, and sexually potent. In the fantasies of most males, a relentless competitive spirit, an insatiable heterosexual, and distant emotional detachment, all displayed mainly by the sexual objectification of women, characterize idealized masculinity.

The essentialist perception of masculinity is dubious. How male and female challenge, resists, and renegotiates femininity and masculinity’s definitions in their daily lives. The inevitable disconnect between dominant desires of normative masculinity, on the one side, and actualized effort at what Zimmerman and West refer to as doing gender as a dramaturgical performance, on the other, present a serious challenge for men, specifically because the number of male conducting the hegemonic system in its entirety may be quite small. It is proven that there is a noticeable difference between men and women in society. The difference goes beyond cultural patterns of role expectation and dress. Gender can be defined as the form in which the reproductive arena includes human reproduction and bodily structures.





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