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The detailed analysis by Bjelopera and Finklea (2012) demonstrates the evolving nature of Transnational Organized Crime (TOC) and how it affects law enforcement agencies’ efforts to control its spread. The authors indicate TOC’s evolution through the adoption of structural approaches that hinder the efficiency of combat operations initiated by law enforcement agencies. Likewise, the criminal groups have internationalized their operations through their ability to utilize technological systems that allow them to morph into the modern community and evade the measures implemented by authorities around the globe. Incorporating technology in their criminal operations has provided gangs with an opportunity to bypass the government’s long-arm because of their ability to conduct their activities without any detection from the law enforcement agencies. Internet connectivity plays a significant role in executing different criminal operations because of the anonymous aspect that allows gangs to remain undetected. Cybercrime cases are on the rise because of criminal groups’ ability to mask their identity and execute their activities remotely.

Unlike the traditional approaches used by criminal gangs that exposed their vulnerabilities to U.S. enforcement agencies, modern groups rely on cellular and networked structures to avoid the sting operations embraced by global authorities. This operation mode has eliminated the hierarchy of leadership that made it easier for law enforcement agencies to cripple a criminal group’s operations by eliminating their leaders. From this realization, globalization has played a significant role in criminal activities’ evolution because of the increased demand for illegal products worldwide. Besides, the reward for engaging in TOC has risen exponentially, a move that has seen a rise in the number of criminal activities worldwide.

Question Two

Even though many people believe that treating all gangs like mafia kingpins overemphasizes their importance, criminal activities’ impact continues to be felt. I’m afraid I have to disagree with the notion that many gang members are petty delinquents because of their ability to expose individuals to a risky environment where they cannot control outcomes in their immediate environment. Narrowing down on gang members’ identity presents an opportunity for law enforcement agencies to develop viable strategies that can be used to counter the criminal operations by crippling their networks and weakening their links with the outside world (Papachristos, 2009). The approach used by U.S. law enforcement agencies demonstrates the impact of preparing to counter the sophisticated mechanisms deployed by criminal gangs and their ability to overcome challenges caused by their ability to remain undetected.


I believe criminal gangs have affected the nature of interactions on the internet because of the rise in cybercriminal cases reported worldwide. Many internet users are always exposed to illegal activities because of the vast chunks of information they deposit on their social media accounts. Creating a system that hinders criminal gangs from taking advantage of internet users can cripple their operations and weaken their networks (Arsovska, 2016). In the same vein, the approaches used by U.S. law enforcement agencies have a significant impact on their efforts to counter the criminal operations because of the numerous changes that have taken place in the trans-organizational crime. Overestimating criminal gangs prompts the relevant authorities to develop viable mechanisms that can respond to the gangs’ threats in the U.S. and beyond.

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