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Question and Answer Discussion | Homework Helper Website

  1. What conclusions can you draw between this historic event and the current COVID-19 pandemic?

Currently, the universe experiences a deadly pandemic, COVID 19, attributed to the coronavirus. In 1918-1919, a pandemic known as the Spanish flu attributed to the HINI virus originating from birds led to the deaths of millions of people globally. Both Covid19 and Spanish Flu exhibit various similarities and variances in nature. Both viruses had an almost comparable impact on the human race as they were both new viruses that were not in existence. They still had no anti-viruses, with coronavirus mostly impacting the older populace above 65 as the immunity is considered weak. The 1918 influenza and the existing coronavirus epidemic likewise vary in one fundamental instance.  Since the ‘Spanish Flu,’ medical progress has been exceptional during the last one hundred years. The COVID-19 pathogen was rapidly identified and sequenced.

  1. What are your thoughts and feelings about the current crisis?

When COVID-19 appeared as an apparent and present public health risk, most individuals experienced a similar range of emotions: somewhere along with the range of worry and anxiety.  But as the early shock wears off, individuals are gradually settling into a new norm. This epidemic has underlined numerous existing challenges that failed to get the consideration they warranted. Perhaps I feel hopeful that this would be a facilitator for some actual resolutions.  Emotional consciousness is a valuable instrument at any instance. It may prove to be the difference between being paralyzed by your feelings and controlling them to move forward in such a crisis.

  1. How are you coping?

In most cases, I take breaks from watching, browsing, or listening to broadcast stories, consisting of those on social media. In times of social distancing, I remain linked with my friends and family. Moreover, helping other individuals manage stress attributed to the pandemic through phone calls or video chats also assists my family and me to feel less secluded. I also engage in online exercise sessions as most are free and may be accessed on YouTube.  During inactive leisure, I prioritize cognitively exciting undertakings, such as reading, board games, and puzzles.

  1. What are your thoughts about vaccinations?

I do not like the COVID 19 vaccinations due to various reasons. First, in most cases, there are numerous side effects that most include headaches, fatigue, and fever.  Moreover, in most cases, it results in short-lived inflammation within the lymph nodes, for instance, those found underneath the arm. Therefore, the swellings are often mistaken for cancer. Another major reason for disliking the vaccination is mainly attributed to the allergic reactions that may be felt for a prolonged period.

  1. Would you/will you receive this vaccine? Why or why not? 

Despite being proved to be effective, I would receive the vaccine. Beyond the apprehensions regarding the side effects, I am hesitant because of the minimal trust in the vaccine. This is mainly attributed to minimal trust in key government institutions, for instance, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Moreover, there is day-to-day discrimination experienced when seeking medication in medical facilities. Therefore, having an open and honest conversation with individuals who may feel uncertain about obtaining the COVID-19 vaccine is considered one of the best means of boosting vaccination drives.

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