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Quest Diagnostics Anti-Harassment Policy | Assignment Help

Question 1: Inclusion

To safeguard members of staff from any kind of harassment and to protect the corporation from legal battles, it is important for companies to integrate Quest Diagnostics does not tolerate any verbal or physical conduct that may be viewed as harassing, disrupting, or interfering with another employee’s or creation of intimidating or offensive behavior.  Sexual harassment or offensive conduct in places of work is restricted. The behaviors may not be limited to sexual advances, flirting, or epithets of sexual nature. They may also include suggestive utterances in regards to a person’s body, and words perceived to be sexually degrading describing an individual.  The company’s legislation is all-inclusive as it offers a comprehensive cover for workers before, during, and after employment.

Job applicants are particularly safeguarded against any form of discrimination in arrangements prepared by the potential employer in identifying suitable individuals for a job. For the duration of service, workers are safeguarded in regard to discrimination that may take place throughout the service relation. The proprietors are prohibited from discriminating in terms of employment that are provided, mode of provision, and other benefits such as promotion. After service, ex-personnel are safeguarded against discrimination that may arise the employment relations. Regular circumstances that may arise may include declining to issue references, refusal to award compensatory packs, or reinstating of a worker.

Question 2: Languages and Definitions

The Age Discrimination in Employment Law of 1967 (ADEA) aims at safeguarding persons above 40 years and above from discernment. During the development of anti-harassment guidelines, Quest ensured that the guideline complies with EEOC regulations. The Quest anti-harassment policy considers every aspect of discrimination. The forms of discrimination include racial discernment, gender discernment, and religious discernment. It also offers practical help on what institutes harassment and the method in which it will be controlled. This policy covers aggravation arising in the place of work or in other settings in which employees may find themselves in connection with their employment with Quest Diagnostics.

The policy applies to every individual in the company that consists of members employed in the firm, namely staff members and non-staff personnel—for instance, interns, helpers, and sporadic employees.  The term contractor includes any individual engaged by the corporation under a service agreement, a short-term pact, or a consultancy pact. Several instances entail the failure to employ individuals as a result of transgender, dismissal of persons as a result of gender relocation, and rebuffing employees’ elevation due to being gay.

Question 3:Enforcement

To enforce the anti-harassment policy, Quest Diagnostics integrates six avenues that personnel may use in reporting any form of harassment.  They include personnel’s direct supervisor, supervisor’s manager, department or operational group’s director, human resource center, or the firm’s online reporting services. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes it illegitimate to victimize against individuals based on any kind of discernment. Once a member of staff reports any form of harassment, both supervisors and managers are tasked with the responsibility of reporting. Additionally, they should not fail to reach out to the company’s top management. For instance, the chief human resource officer, any member of the law team, or human resource business partners.

Every report should be processed with confidentiality, thoroughly and investigated without partiality. The firm shall take instantaneous counteractive and suitable actions that may entail terminating employment if any form of violation is experienced. The company’s policy restricts retaliation. The supervisors are not allowed to solely carry out investigations. However, they should listen attentively, record every aspect, or engage the company’s legal structures. The investigations should be carried out in a span of a few days and not weeks or months. In this case, the supervisors ought to immediately convey any form of harassment.


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