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Quantitative Data Analysis | Research Paper Writing Help

Question Four

Y1 = f (X1, β) + e1


Y1 is a dependent variable

f is the function

X1 is the independent variable

β is the unknown parameters

e1 is the error terms

From this observation, Timothy’s model covers both independent and dependent variables that are captured in the two hypothetical statements, which represent his belief and expectations after the implementation the measure of employer attractiveness in the workplace. Identifying the various issues that hinder an organization from being attractive in the business environment is critical to the realization of desired outcomes that influence the actual performance of a firm in the competitive workplace.

Question Five

The Model Fit

In regression analysis, a model fit refers to the ability of the selected model to yield favorable results that influence outcomes in a research process. A perfect model fit is consistent with the available data and requires minimal adjustments to suit changing needs. In this research, the adjusted R2 is slightly lower than expected. However, the errors are within a limited broadband, which allows the researcher to achieve the projected authenticity and credibility levels.

The Significance of the Model

The employer attractiveness model allows firms to overcome various challenges that hinder them from achieving their expected outcomes in the business environment. By structuring the workplace into an environment that attracts potential employees, the firm will accomplish its desired goals and objectives in the market.

The Constant

The constant for the unstandardized beta coefficient is higher than that of the standard error, indicating the limited issues revolving around the entire study. In the same vein, t-statistic and the significance level have a below-par statistic value that demonstrates the ability of the study to accomplish its expected outcomes.

The Statistical Validity of the Beta Coefficients

While the beta coefficient used in this regression analysis is unstandardized, its high value denotes a corresponding high effect that influences the outcomes of events in the contemporary society.

The Face Validity of the Results

The results reflect the analysis’s ability to test the different values and demonstrate their impact on the outcomes of events in the entire analysis. From this realization, the test is highly suitable for establishing the impact of employer attractiveness to facilitate the firm to achieve its desired objectives in the business environment.

Question Seven

Compared to the results of other symbolic attributes, the mean for excitement in the firm is significantly lower, demonstrating the need to incorporate certain values that can yield favorable outcomes in the workplace. Given the fact that employees have a lower excitement ratio compared to other symbolic attributes, the firm should consider introducing various opportunities that can influence the thought process of employees in their surroundings. By so doing, accomplishing the expected outcomes will not only expose the firm to increased productivity but also discover various opportunities that can be tapped to increase the performance in the business environment. Sincerity has the highest mean, which represents the ability of employees to dedicate their efforts to achieve the expected results. By creating exciting opportunities to stir up the employee emotions, the firm will succeed in its attempts to expose individuals to an enabling environment where people can accomplish their expected outcomes in the competitive corporate world.

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