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There consists of three types of qualitative research ethnographic, phenomenological, and grounded theory. Most of the nurses conducting their research rely on either the grounded or phenomenological theory. Grounded and phenomenological research have similarities that demand a good consideration of the bases of the two methodologies and their influence on how the research is undertaken in both. One of the main similarities between the two types of qualitative research is that they deal with true-life experiences and social aspects. The two types of research have a lot of interaction that occurs between the participants and the researcher while conducting the study since they usually rely on observations and interviews. Ideally, each of these methods aims at gathering and analyzing data from the participants while illustrating no bias while exploring the experiences of the participants and what they have gone through in their lives.

The variations between the grounded and phenomenological theory are the way they are developed, how the data is gathered, and the research focus. Phenomenological research tries to evaluate how people comprehend and perceive a certain situation. The information is gathered from participants that have lived through the encounter. This theory aims at exploring and describing experiences through collecting data from individuals that have lived through the experiences (Zahavi and Martiny, 2019). This is designed to unearth and discover previously overlooked issues and offers rich descriptions that aid understanding. For instance, a phenomenological study focusing on nurses’ experience while giving an injection focuses on the lived encounter of giving an injection. However, data is limited to interviews to capture the spirit of real-life experiences. On the other hand, the grounded theory is based on the symbolic reaction to discovering issues that exist at the social scene as well as how the individual deals or views the situation (Singh and Estefan, 2018). For instance, this theory has enabled the nurses to understand patterns of health in communities, groups, and populations as well as predict practices regarding nursing care. Grounded theory tends to involve data sources that may contribute to the development of a theory. The theory creates meaning about an issue through the analysis and modeling of a theory. Grounded theory is not limited to interviews since it also includes images, diaries, observations, and past literature.

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