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Public Service Announcement Sample Paper | Essay Paper Help

The public service announcement educates the audience about the consumption of healthy snacks. The Central Maryland Youth Advocate group developed the video to reach out to people and inform them about the need to consume healthy snacks. According tio the Extended Parallel Process Moedel (EPPM) theory, individuals tend to react when exposed to fear inducing stimuli. Therefore, people should learn to consume healthy snacks to obtain appropriate energy levels. The PSA video involves young people eating healthy snacks and engaging in physical activity. Two young girls compete against each other. The one who consumed a healthy snack countered the other in the run. Thus, it educates people that eating healthy snacks provides a person with increased energy levels to engage in various daily activities. These young girls have snacks at their hands to create a positive appeal among the readers. The details availed by these girls allow the audience to familiarize with the use of healthy snacks for health and physical benefits.

Justification of the response

The targeted audience is likely to develop adaptive changes due to health and physical concerns. The video reveals that people who consume healthy snacks have appropriate energy levels to undertake distinct activities. They, therefore, adopt positive eating behaviors such as healthy snacks. Most of the illnesses and associated conditions occurring at the community level are linked to inappropriate feeding habits. Exposure to the video enables the audience to develop positive eating behaviors.

Alternative message strategies

One of the key strategies that the video should have incorporated is statistics linked to energy levels attained after the consumption of healthy snacks. The action would have gone a long way towards ensuring that the readers to shift from products such as fast foods to healthy snacks. Another key tactic is highlighting examples of healthy snacks that individuals should consider in their daily lives. These appeals would have deepened the message and support behavior change.

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