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Australia is a developed nation that cares about the wellbeing of its citizens across the world. By exploring this line of thought, it is possible to highlight the programs that have been introduced by the government to understand the outcomes of events, which occur in the community. However, there are areas where government services are not accessible and as efficient as those offered in the urban regions (Alford & Yates, 2016). For instance, the rural lands in Queensland are defined by their inability to create an enabling environment where individuals can seek healthcare services and other government programs. From this observation, it is evident that the government has been unable to meet the needs of individuals interested in a wide range of services affecting the public in their immediate environment. Therefore, charity organizations play significant role in bridging the widespread inequalities and enhancing the livelihoods of individuals in the community.

Girls Got Heart (GGH) is a community initiative that was founded by two Brisbane women who realized the disconnect in the community and moved by the widespread inequality in the region. Responding to the needs of isolated community in Australia was an initiative that defines their line of operations, which bring services closer to the people. For example, people living in remote areas are 44% likely to succumb to heart diseases while an additional 70% are exposed to heart failure due to the inaccessibility of quality health services in their immediate environment (Aitken, Youlden, Baade, Soyer, Green, & Smithers, 2018). Fundraising activities have enabled communities to lead a healthy lifestyle that is devoid of any immediate health risks because of the existence of organizations such as Girls Got Heart (GGH), which address their concerns. It should be noted that the not-for-profit organization has achieved significant milestones since its inception in 2006. Even though the founders encountered challenges during their initial stages of service delivery, the charity organization now has six sponsors who facilitate its operations in rural Australia.

Rationale for the Media Releases

Feature stories play a significant role in highlighting individual stories that enhance the livelihoods of certain population groups in their surroundings. Understanding people’s needs in the world today is influenced by the media focus that reach out to individuals and organizations engaged in community service (Cocker & Joss, 2016). Even though the organizations do not thrive on publicity, their visibility in the modern environment attracts like-minded people who can facilitate their operations and services in the identified regions. From this realization, it is evident that the media release will inform people about the activities of the organization and its impact in the community.

Creating awareness about the existence of Girls Got Heart (GGH) will compel individuals to realize their involvement in change-activities that aim at improving the lifestyles of vulnerable population groups. In this segment, the communique will highlight the missing links between the government and the people (Downes & Marchant, 2016). Creating an understanding about the significance of the services will improve the outcomes of events and enhance the visibility of the organization in the community (McDonald & Dominguez, 2015). When people are aware of the role of a charity organization in the society, it is possible for the firm to accomplish its objectives. The focus of the releases will be based on the significance of change in the community.

Media Release 1

31st May 2019

GGH Changes Lives in Queensland through Community Service

Like any other parent, GGH founders, Keely Mancini and Rebecca East, would be spending their prime years educating their children and creating an enabling environment for them to realize their potential. However, the selfless women are engaged in a community program that aims at bringing quality healthcare to vulnerable population groups in rural Queensland.

A fundraising event held at Meandarra in 2016 created an opportunity for the Mancini and East to exchange ideas and declare their commitment to change the world through their love for healthy living. United by the purpose of reducing the mortality rates in the region, the two women recognized their privileged lives and decided to extend the same to people who could not afford to sustain the lifestyle.

Organizations and privileged individuals should participate in charity events to improve the lifestyles of vulnerable population groups in the group. Listening to Mancini’s and East’s story proves that it is impossible until it is done.


The ideal time for photo opportunities would be during the flag-off session where participants will be commencing their journey to cover the 750km. We would love to tell this story to the world and showcase a group of selfless people willing to traverse the country in line with their focus on saving lives and creating awareness on healthy living. There will be a celebration in Meandarra and thereafter, handing over the cheque to LifeFlight. We urge you to be part of this fulfilling experience by covering the event.


For further information please contact:


Zhenkun Qian

Public Affair Manager

GGH, Communications Department

Phone: (888)-LIME-345

Text: 1 (888)-546-3345


Pitch Email 1

The Australian,

I am writing to invite you to the flagship of the third edition of Ride with Heart where our organization, Girls Got Heart, will be leading over 50 participants though a 750 kilometer. We believe the experiences shared during the event will be a perfect news item for your media house.

At GGH, we believe in telling the story of a neglected community to the world and the challenges that hinder the livelihoods of many Queensland residents. At the finish line, we will have a celebration and thereafter, hand over a cheque of the contributions to LifeFlight.

Come and join us in sharing this fulfilling experience with the rest of the world.

Many thanks,

Zhenkun Qian

Public Affair Manager

GGH, Communications Department

Phone: (888)-LIME-345

Text: 1 (888)-546-3345


Media Release 2

31st May 2019

Salient Health Reforms Should be Introduced in Rural Queensland

Living in a developed nation where the government boasts of its development agenda but have to endure limited healthcare services can be traumatizing.

Tony Roberts (not his real name) is a disappointed Queensland residence who describes the dire health situation in his homeland. Having visited Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney, it is possible to identify the difference after setting foot on Queensland. Even though the situation is not that dire, but Roberts feel that the government has sidelined the rural areas to focus on the urban metropolitan regions.

“In Queensland, it is normal to lose your relative because of poor health services. The government health facilities are understocked with medicine and one has to travel to urban regions to access healthcare,” indicated Tony.

GGH is a not-for-profit organization that responds to cases from Queenslanders and other people in isolated community across the country. Due to their distance away from the urban regions, GGH increases community awareness and listens to the problems affecting the people with the guarantee of positive outcomes.


The ideal time for photo opportunities would be during the flag-off session in Brisbane where participants will be commencing their journey to cover the 750km. We would love to tell this story to the world and showcase a group of selfless people willing to traverse the country in line with their focus on saving lives and creating awareness on healthy living. There will be a celebration in Meandarra and thereafter, handing over the cheque to LifeFlight. We urge you to be part of this fulfilling experience by covering the event.

For further information please contact:


Zhenkun Qian

Public Affair Manager

GGH, Communications Department

Phone: (888)-LIME-345

Text: 1 (888)-546-3345



Pitch Email 2

The Guardian,

As Girls Got Heart, we are privileged to invite you to cover our event that will be held on August. The events will include the flag-off session and later the hand-over session that will be held at the finish point.

Additional information can be accessed from our website. In case of any queries, please reach out to the attached contact.

We would like to thank you in advance for considering this invitation.

Many thanks,

Zhenkun Qian

Public Affair Manager

GGH, Communications Department

Phone: (888)-LIME-345

Text: 1 (888)-546-3345


Rationale for Facebook and Twitter Posts

These posts will be shared on the organization’s social media platform to connect with interested participants who may be interested in the event. By building a strong culture with the public, the organization seeks to appeal to the public and especially well-wishers to contribute towards the event. Reaching out to the public enables the organization to understand the society and engage them on issues that affect their lifestyles. Connecting with the people is an important task that the organization should execute before interacting with people. Therefore, utilizing the effectiveness of the social media platforms has a significant impact on the ability of the organization to achieve its objectives.

Having a vibrant social media presence enables organizations to connect with their audience and accomplish numerous issues that are aligned with their mission and vision statements. On many occasions, individuals may outline their plight with the organization and reveal activities that can be executed to accomplish the needs of the people. These posts will be shared on the company’s Facebook page and Twitter account to inform the people about the event.

Facebook Post

Our third edition of Ride with Heart is here and this time, we will be covering a distance of 750km. We intend to raise $150,000 to uplift the vulnerable population groups attended to by LifeFlight. Riding with us will also enable you to keep fit and achieve the body goals you have always wanted. Registration details can be accessed from our website. We will really appreciate if you will be part of this great initiative that aims at changing the world by reaching out to the isolated communities. We share in your joy and appreciate you for supporting this noble cause for the last two years. In 2019, we are going higher than before. Come and be part of this fulfilling experience.

Tweet 1

Riding with you in 2018 was exciting. We changed people’s lives and created positive change in the community. 2019 is going to be a great year where we will cover 750km and raise $150,000 for the LifeFlight organization. Come and ride with us.

Tweet 2

In 2019, we wish to take the competition further by inviting you to participate and even cheer us on as we prepare to cover 750kms. We are determined to change the society as we are about improving people’s lifestyles.

Rationale for the Media List

Identifying journalists who believe in social change is an important task that should be undertaken by individuals in their immediate environment. One of the mistakes that many charity organizations make is failing to filter journalists based on their media reporting styles (Gao, 2017). At GGH, we have partnered with certain media organizations in Brisbane who support our cause as part of the CSR strategy. Our events coverage is always diverse and effective because of the increased participation that has significantly influenced our ability to accomplish our set objectives. Hence, the campaign is positively received across Australia where individuals plan ahead to be part of this life-changing activity.

Radio and TV journalists play an important role in pushing the social change agenda in the community. Identifying respectable journalists who fall under this category is an important activity that should be undertaken by communication directors who manage public affairs for their organizations. Journalists shape the perspectives of individuals because of their influence in the community (Hellmueller & Mellado, 2015). Associating with reputable media personalities increases the value of a campaign and enables a charity organization to accomplish its objectives in the world today. Building up an active contact list where information that is shared is published allows organizations to receive the much-needed publicity regarding their activities in the community.


Metro Newspapers Email address
The Australian
The Catholic Leader Online enquiry at:
The Guardian


These contacts will be used heavily because of their wide coverage in Australia and ability to create the much-needed awareness in the country about the event.

Suburban Newspapers Email Address
Logan News/Albert & Logan News  
Caboolture Shire Herald
City News/City-North News


These media houses will be selected because of their ability to create centralized and customized content that focuses on the needs of isolated communities in the world.

Regional Newspapers Email Address
Bayside Bulletin
Beaudesert Times
Blackwater Herald
Bundaberg News Mail


Having regional newspapers on the contact list can enable the organization to focus on isolated communities beyond Queensland because of the need to change the world.

Summary Reflection

Challenges I have Encountered in this Unit

As an international student, it was difficult for me to keep up with information regarding the media organizations in the country. At some point, I struggled with my written communication skills but I took the advice of my instructor and reached out to a preferred contact who enabled me to overcome the issues affecting my language use. In Public Relations, practitioners are expected to be excellent communicators who can handle different situations that occur in the workplace (McIntyre, Dahmen, & Abdenour, 2018). By being the face of the organization, individuals are expected to be cognizant of the different elements that influence the outcomes of events in the community.

Dealing with the Challenges

Existing research indicates that individuals should always reach out to expatriates or even their colleagues whenever they experience challenges that undermine their ability to accomplish their learning objectives (Browne, Rex, & Bouzat, 2018). I preferred asking questions and reaching out to the instructor outside the class context because of the personalized approach that was offered by our interactions. I believe that the sessions enabled me to improve my communication skills, which would later improve my Public Relations practice in the corporate world. Reading widely has also enabled me to view the world from a different perspective where I can make informed decisions that promote awareness of individuals in their immediate environment.

How my Experience in this Unit will Shape my Future

I believe that I have gained important insights from my interactions with other people in the corporate world. I am now rejuvenated and excited to face the future, which is uncertain. However, I am confident that my skills will set the pace for me and lead me to opportunities in the job market (Cazden, 2017). Given that I can develop communiques with minimal difficulty, it is imperative to note that the knowledge gained from this interaction will lead me towards different opportunities in the contemporary world. I am now more comfortable engaging other people on Public Relations topics because of my wide understanding that has been attained from this unit.



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