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Public Crisis Analysis Assignment | Do My homework Online

The crisis revolves around a legal battle linked to a college admission scandal. Loughlin’s company has been charged at a Massachusetts court due to speculations of money laundering. The resources acted as ‘donations,’ but the money fell into the hands of the admission top-leadership level. The resources were transferred to test proctors and college administrators (Del Valle). The checks provided by these individuals benefit the administrators, a move that has been interpreted as money laundering.

The individual utilized a memo to respond and communicate with the audience. The file memos sought to defend themselves against the alleged crimes. The donations made were legitimate and should not be interpreted as an illegal engagement. The memo was followed by motions that focused on dismissing the allegations.

The company chose Loughlin as a representative in the case. She was represented by an attorney who held their case to prove their innocence. As the head of the company, she was in the right position to represent the others. Thus, it was a wise decision for them to represent the firm.

The individuals selected as representatives chose a response develops a closer link to the advocacy-accommodation continuum. She stated that they did not knowingly participate in the liquid pro quo and, as such, should not be charged with honest service fraud. Also, the representative highlighted that she did not realize their legitimate donations would personally benefit the administrators. The statements communicate a never-ending satisfactory solution for the two parties involved.

The crisis follows a complicated path after the representatives’ response. The court has a new task at hand to assess of the state misrepresented or omitted key materials that would have acted as essential evidence. Also, the issue of Singer acting as a cooperator and the government proving that the test administrator has close links with testing companies accelerate the crisis.

The representative does not combat the crisis despite arguing that they had nothing to do with the transfer of the money to the test proctors and college administrators. She also states that they only made an honest commitment to offering financial support to Singer’s Foundation. However, there are alarming questions linked to the same.

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