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Psychodynamic Theory and Narrative Approaches | Homework Help

In the modern domain, psychodynamic concepts characteristically involve human functions that elicit motivations in a person. These triggers are extremely entrenched in both the mindful and insentient mind. To possess a good understanding of the communication patterns in the brain’s cognizant and insentient elements, it is vital to evaluate and instigate the various psychodynamic theories accessible (Thompson & Stepney, 2017). Narrative methods offer a safe space for the clientele to share and eventually review their life practices. In this case, the paper seeks to illustrate how childhood experiences affected one member of the Campbell family, two defensive mechanisms, and two-evidence based interventions.

In this case, the psychodynamic theory applies to Kali, Joe, and Karen’s daughter. Kali Campbell’s chief challenge is her character and nature.  She is believed to abuse drugs and marijuana due to her emotional challenge, which she fails to acknowledge.  She has some diagnosis, but she is not keen to be treated and may not acknowledge that it is improper to abuse Marijuana.  She discontinues her education, as she has been intimidated and is self-conscious as she is gay and enjoys girls’ company compared to boys.  She appears disheartened but fails to acknowledge it.

Evidence-Based Interventions

Despite being known that Kali is distraught with her condition, she should be assessed for melancholy.  One of the interventions includes verbal screening tools. According to Martin. (2019), bpc.org runs sample questions that may be incorporated in verbal screening.  Kali may be asked of the following queries: Foremost, during the previous month, have you been troubled by feeling sad, unhappy, or discouraged?  (2) In the earlier month, have you been concerned by little attention or desire in doing things? After the verbal screening, it is then essential to ascertain the depression levels prior to administering the treatment. Another evidence intervention involves Cognitive behavioral therapy.  This therapy is similarly identified as dialectical treatment (Martin, 2019). The key reason for selecting the intervention is attributed to her depression case being regarded as mild. Therefore, engaging her and her parents may alter her attitude and conduct.

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