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Prostitution Laws in Germany | Assignment Writers Service

The German government established prostitution law whose objective is to boost the welfare and safety of sex labors within Germany. While Prostitution is illegal in most parts of the United States, on the contrary, Germany has legalized prostitution. Prostitution in Germany is both taxed and legal. The 2002 prostitution law described sex work as an occupation which guaranteed the workers the right to social security, healthcare, and unemployment benefits (Benoit, Smith, Jansson, Healey and Magnuson, 2019). Prostitution has been generally accepted in Germany with continued efforts to protect and make the practice safer. Prostitutes in German have utilized the provision of the law which has enabled them gain social security. In 2002, the prostitution law has enabled the sex labors to register for their unemployment benefits, health insurance, as well as objectives intended to improve the operatives’ legal and social condition.

The law requires that sex workers should receive some form of social support. The law means that the states, cities, and municipalities have to offer some form of counseling for those in prostitution to add to the mandatory health counseling (Howard, 2018). Therefore, those involved in sex work can access support services. The new law has prohibited sex without a condom. The law has made condoms mandatory and refusal to comply may lead to serious fines to be charged to the buyer. The law has offered provisions regarding pregnant women. The registration of pregnant women is withheld during the last six weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, the implementation of prostitution laws in American would promote the protection of women who work as sex workers through social support, certification, and health checks.

In practice tax debts have been a great challenge for women exiting prostitution. However, the new law has made it worse by making systematic. The brothels collect money from women through the rent for the room. Therefore, they act as tax collectors. The sex workers are supposed to keep a clear record of earnings and receipts offered by the brothel keepers and offer the paperwork to the tax officers as an indication of their tax declaration (Howard, 2018). Other provisions have included stiffer regulations for those running prostitution revenues and brothel keepers. Any individual renting out space for prostitution is considered to own a prostitution revenue. Considerably, controlled prostitution revenues within America will protect women with enforced policies such as condom use and safety policies in brothels protecting women from humiliation and harm.

The law has also stated regulations concerning hygiene which vary from different states in Germany and those working within the revenues. The businesses and brothels that offer the sex services are required to apply for a permit that will only be granted it the hygiene, room, and health requirements are met (Benoit, Smith, Jansson, Healey, and Magnuson, 2019). For instance, bouncers are required to offer their criminal record certificate which is used to ban forced prostitution and convictions of human trafficking. The law indicates that regulations of advertising for prostitution have been abolished. This means that there is no prohibition of advertising anymore except for those under the protection of minors. Therefore, the sex workers and the industry is allowed to advertise even more widely as compared to before.

The German prostitution law has been restrictive as local ordinances and administrative law that regulate the conditions under which sex work is allowed to be conducted within Germany. Utilization of the same laws in the United States will facilitate legal protection as well as the ability of sex workers to exercise their rights. Prostitution laws will lead to the recognition of sex workers as well as destigmatizing sex workers through maximized their dignity, protection, and equality. The existing prostitution policies have led to concrete governance practices and legal obligations that need to be implemented. The laws will boost transparency in the sex-work sector and regulated the operations uniformly in America.

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