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Proposal Pitch Related to Pharmacy: Drug Design and Development

Pharmaceutical operations attract scrutiny because of their impact on people’s lifestyles. Many individuals depend on different drugs for existence, an aspect that culminates in dire consequences when people fail to consume their prescribed medication. Importantly, the process of drug design is dependent on modeling techniques that are executed using computer programs (Kapogiannis, Chakhtoura, Hazra, & Spong, 2017). While the constant need to overcome certain health conditions requires the use of specific drugs, the aspect of addiction has been attributed to the development process where individuals lose control over their body functions after partaking the prescribed medication. Considering the limited knowledge of individuals regarding the composition of various drugs, there is a need to identify the best approaches that can be used by pharmacists to promote awareness regarding the process of drug design and development.

Drugs play a critical role in containing situations that affect the livelihoods of individuals. In any hospital facility, individuals are informed about the importance of embracing specific lifestyle changes to benefit from the function of administered drugs. However, when the world today is reeling from a problem caused by addiction, which manifests through the consumption of certain medications such as painkillers. Understanding the root cause of addiction is an important aspect that informs individuals about the relevant measures they should embrace to combat these aspects, which hinder their growth and development (Tetenbaum-Novatt, Lonie, Elkowitz, & Frey, 2018). During the process of drug design and development, medical practitioners should outline the aspects that contribute towards addiction and how they can be avoided. Addressing these challenges requires pharmaceutical corporations to create awareness programs that appeal to the changing needs of individuals regarding the measures that should be adopted to overcome the adverse outcomes affecting people’s lifestyles.

Research Objectives

Undertaking this research exposes individuals to an enabling environment where they can understand the different impacts of drugs and how they can overcome the problem of addiction. Based on the inability of individuals to discover the preferred approaches that should be used, pharmaceutical corporations should guide them through the process of overcoming problems related to their ways of life (Kessemeier, Meyn, Hoeckel, Reitze, Culmsee, & Tryba, 2019). On many occasions, pharmaceutical organizations invest in research and development to achieve specific outcomes that influence the perspectives of individuals towards life. Finding a new medication that can be used to treat a health problem requires pharmaceutical organizations to test its effectiveness before introducing it to the consumer market. When conducting these experiments, pharmaceutical corporations must establish the impact of the administered medication and its effectiveness in overcoming the medical problem.

By minimizing side effects, pharmaceutical corporations anticipate an increased uptake in the consumption of the selected medicine to overcome challenges that might trigger addiction levels and overreliance on the drugs. Notably, medications should be useful when consumed through the mouth as opposed to having a different reaction when injected directly into the bloodstream. Monitoring the stages of drug development exposes individuals to a conducive environment where they can understand the approaches taken by pharmaceutical corporations to balance the changing needs of individuals (Nasr, Higazy, & Wilbur, 2019). Regardless of the different methods used to develop new drugs, specific measures should be observed to contain unexpected outcomes that affect the ability of individuals to lead a healthy life. Releasing this information to the people has a significant impact on the perspectives that can be adopted by the public regarding their drug intake. Some of the research objectives are discussed below.

  1. To explore the underlying factors that lead to addiction after consuming the prescribed medication.
  2. To assess the effects of drug design and development on the effectiveness of the prescribed medication.
  3. To propose recommendations that can be used by pharmaceutical corporations to prevent the adverse outcomes associated with drug consumption.

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