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The Art Piece

The chosen propaganda art is a piece of art-propaganda from the ancient world called the Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge. This is an art piece by El  Lissitzky. He is a portrait artist from Russia, who used his prowess in art to make political statements (Andries, 2018). The art piece is one of his most famous pieces, which is easy to recognize the style of the artist. The art is made in abstract geometric shapes, with a clear color scheme of modernist artistic style.

Reason for selecting the piece

The reason for choosing this art piece is because it has a deep political message.  The propaganda poster describes the Russian revolution, which took place in 1917. It has a white circle that represents the royalists who are from the old regime (Rouhan, 2017).  The red triangle on the other hand represents the communists who are coming in and out, where they represent a change of opinion. The art is a political piece in that it entails a stylized battle pain for the victory of the communists.


The role of the propaganda art
The art is shaped to support the red Army shortly after Bolsheviks had waged their revolution in 1917. It hoped to talk more about the penetration and killing of the nation’s communist white army.  The art piece played a role in making the Russian ideas get understood better by Western Europe.  As a result, it became popular among many, where it is considered as the symbol of the Russian Civil war.
Following the release of the art piece, it has been publicly displayed, where it gained popularity for its deep message among the public.  The art piece is one of the 550 pieces that have been exhibited in one of the largest shows of Soviet Art in the United States.

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