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Promoting Healthcare and Wellbeing | Paper Writing Help

The paper critically examines the value and importance of promoting healthcare and wellbeing. Globally, the national level, as well as, at the local levels – governments around the world are continuously becoming more concerned with promoting the healthcare and wellbeing of their respective citizens. The research on the promotion of healthcare and wellbeing has a profound impact on enhancing the general welfare of communities. The inquiry to the topic is crucial to offering vital measures and approaches that impact high-quality health accessibility, delivery, and acquiesce to receiving the services. With the increase of chronic diseases that pose profound socioeconomic on society, the research on the topic is significant to saving funds that can be utilized in other fields. Therefore, the paper compares two articles that delve into healthcare promotion to determine the views on the subject and perceptions created towards making it better.

Kumar and Preetha in the first argument to the advancement of effective tools vital for enhancing global health appreciate the value accorded to health promotion. The article notes that health and social wellbeing in the contemporary world are determined by diverse factors including global environmental changes, food consumption patterns, foods consumed, socioeconomic settings, demographics, family lineage and genetic constitution, among others. The intensity to which individuals in the society are affected fosters the need to promote healthcare at the grassroots. The improvement of lifestyles and dietary patterns serves as a significant aspect of inducing a positive impact on healthcare. According to Kumar and Preetha, public health serves as the primary source of improving the healthcare and wellbeing of the citizens. The context designed to reach the people in the grassroots proves to be crucial to achieving the intended objectives in promoting healthcare.

Janssen in his article identifies the need for older people to live an independent life and in more control of their lives. The chronic diseases that affect older people show a tendency in which they extensive care at home, as well as, access to additional services. This calls for the involvement of old people in decision-making and determination to have a say in their lives. Consequently, healthcare professions, patients, peoples, and communities ought to be empowered in healthcare to ensure they are adequately informed and aware of the necessary actions to take.

Comparison and Contrast: Promoting Healthcare and Wellbeing

This section compares and contrasts Kumar and Preetha’s arguments with Janssen et al. on the determination of harmonizing approaches in healthcare. Kumar and Preetha emphasize on the value of developing a “comprehensive, holistic approach which goes beyond the traditional curative care that involves communities, health providers, among other stakeholders.” Janssen analyzing healthcare focusing on the older people in the community argues on the value of maintaining an open mind between the healthcare providers and healthcare seekers to understand each other’s perspective on the best solution. The two articles provide a different approach to promoting healthcare with the former championing for a holistic approach while the later advance close ties between the healthcare professionals and the patients. Thus, both promote motivation and control of feelings of the patients as valued to ensuring better services.

Kumar and Preetha assert that the capacity to foster leadership for public health through healthy policies and health systems as vital to the promotion of healthcare. This compares to Janssen et al. view on the need to promote the professionalism of healthcare service providers to older people. This is vital to enhance the capacity to respond and deal with a myriad of chronic diseases ailing people in the contemporary world. Persons tasked with the mandate to address healthcare problems in the community have a responsibility to ensure that all citizens receive the best care possible.

Both articles stress the significance of empowering members of the public to serve as the first hand in healthcare promotion.

Janssen note that “health promotion aims to enable people to address health problems and lead healthier lives.” Kumar and Preetha states that the adoption of a holistic approach “is crucial to empowering members of the community to take action for their own health.”

The intervention at the personal level is fundamental to the promotion of healthcare. The personal level as the base entity is crucial to take the necessary measures in ascertaining good health conditions.

Kumar and Preetha uses emotional rhetoric strategies that determines the impact the community can have on improving healthcare. Janssen employs logic rhetoric to assert that it is fundamental to have as many people as possible aware and informed about healthcare provision. This way, the overall objective of wellbeing and better healthcare provision can be attained through close partnership and involvement of the target society. These sentiments by the authors are convincing and put to task I find them to be valuable in achieving high healthcare standards. This is because, healthcare in a concerted approach can achieve more – through proactive measures and minimizing the costs to treat diseases once already contracted. Thus, my personal stance strongly believes in the involvement of the community and respective members as key stakeholders in pursuing healthcare and wellbeing initiatives.

Recommendations and Conclusion

In conclusion, Janssen and Kumar’s articles provide key insights on promoting healthcare and wellbeing of members of the society. The promotion of healthcare and wellbeing in society is a fundamental aspect of the community. According to Kumar and Preetha article, “health promotion: an effective tool for global health”, the health and wellbeing of individuals culminate in ascertaining a health community that minimizes the social, economic, and political impacts of public health. However, Jansen et al. article, “balancing risk prevention and health promotion: towards a harmonizing approach in care for older people in the community” is more effective as it focuses on the empowerment of people ascertains their capacity to respond and handle arising health issues. The research on the holistic approach to promoting the healthcare and wellbeing of individuals in society should be further examined, deliberated, and provide more solutions to the global problem.

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