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Project management encompasses of various steps that contribute to the completion of various task which aim at achieving a company’s goals and objectives in a project. Project management is facilitated by a plan that consist of stages which include planning of tasks, initiation of outlined activities, execution of the plan, monitoring of executed tasks. and closing of the project (Gray, et al 2008). Project management techniques vary according to the objectives of an organization, unique requirements. and industry served. The most common methodologies include the waterfall, lean, agile and traditional techniques. A project management plan is relevant in that it ensures that outlined tasked are completed in a timely manner, utilizes the allocated budget and achieves a company’s objectives. This paper takes a major focus on the project management plan of the Motofest Event that will be held in spring, 2019.

Project scope

Project scope involves the planning process where various project requirements are determined and listed for effective execution of the project and also act as a reference point (Khan, 2006). The major requirements of a project include, specific goals, features, deliverables, tasks, deadlines, functions, constraints and cost which ensure that a project is completed and goals are attained. The Motofest event will offer a variety of unique motorsport demonstrations, live music, static displays and other activities related to transport and Coventry at a budget off 300k and is expected to be completed in three months. The Motofest Event aims at offering entertainment to the public and generating revenue for the shareholders which are the deliverables of the projects. The event aims at attracting a large crowd of attendees compared to those that attended in 2018.

Project inclusions and exclusions are elements of a project that promote the success of a project and prevent it from failing (Turner, 2016). Various inclusion in the event include main features such a unique blend of activities in motosport demonstrations, live music, static displays and other activities related to transport and Coventry. There is a large pool of tasks related to the Motofest event. The tasks included the setting up of tracks through which the motorsport demonstrations will be performed on. The setting up of tents, stages, and musical instruments is necessary to facilitate the live music concert. Excellent and energetic artists are also required to keep the live music going on. The project requires an effective workforce that is hardworking, will produce quality work and is quick and efficient. The events mainly target motorsport lovers hence tailors all its activities to answers to the target market needs.

The Motofest has received approval from the Motofest Project Board that has assigned a budget of 300k euros to facilitate the completion of the project. The project has a timeline of three months in which its expected to be completed and held in spring. A major exclusion of the project is the provision of food and drinks. The event will not provide food and drinks because those in attendance will have a wide preference that many increase the cost. The attendees are requested to carry their own food and drinks. Also, the event will not provide seats in order to create more space and allow guest to move, mingle and dance freely. The event will not offer any form of transport hence guests are expected to find their own means of transport

Gantt Chart

Figure 1 Gantt Chart

Work Breakdown structure

A WBS is a significant method in project management which is utilized in breaking down the project into a precise hierarchy. The hierarchy is made up of tasks, subtasks and deliverables which are assigned specific funds and time. The WBS helps in making a project more manageable, ensure deadlines are met and prevents the budget from running over. Through WBS project managers of the Motofest event will be able to understand and organize all the tasks in the project. A WBS helps in identifying missing elements in the project, offers managers a chance to ask questions and also the manager can analyze the events needs from the scope’s chunk.  The main inclusions in Motofest WBS are the deliverables which include the location and site of the event. The site in this case is important to facilitate an area with effective tracks for motorsport demonstrations. The site should have an area where the concert will be performed at together with a dancing area for the music lovers. Location of the event should be easily accessible by the quests. The event requires motorcars in suitable conditions together with efficient and qualified drivers. High quality musical instruments and great artists are required to perform at the concert.








Motorsport demonstrations              static display                                         live music concert


Preparing Tracks                   Purchasing plastic material                         preparing the Stage

Surveying the area
Purchasing construction material


Purchasing materials


Testing the plastic






Selecting and servicing Motor Cars.  Selecting Symbols        Procuring Musical Instruments


Securing efficient cars
Inspecting and servicing the cars
Testing instruments
Purchasing musical instruments






Singing up Drivers                Selecting Language Items                            contracting Artists


Engaging Language interpreters
Training Drivers
Inviting drivers for the event






Constructing Gas Stations               Identifying Different Levels          Preparing a Song playlist


Performance rehearsals by artists
Setting up of the display area
Filling up oil tanks



Project Milestones

Project milestones are termed as markers that illustrate the progress of a project. Milestones are used in planning, communication, reporting and scheduling a project (Kerzner, and Kerzner, 2017). Project milestones signify the starting and completion of a project with a specific date. Milestones have dependencies hence are not given specific duration. The Motofest milestones will be identified using various phases that included, planning, and approval of the plan. Effective communication of the plan to all involved part is a milestone that indicates completion of the meetings that allow the kickoff of the project.  Other milestones will include decisions made in securing of a site and location, procurement of necessary items and booking of artists to perform at the concert. Having the appropriate workforce is another milestone that will ensure the success of the event. Attaining of the stakeholder’s deliverables will illustrate the completion and attainment of the projects aims (Meredith, and Mantel 2011). Integration and interaction among all related parties will mark the progress in connecting parties facilitating the Motofest Event.  A major milestone for the event will be the attainment of goals and objectives will signify the completion of the project.

Project Stakeholder Assessment

Stakeholder play an integral part in project management and other related activities. Stakeholders are specific organizations or individuals who have both positive and negative impact on project (Karlsen, 2002). The stakeholders are the main party that indicate the goals and deliverables of a project.  Shareholders have a lot off influence on a project and often direct the project. The project manager work towards achieving the shareholders expectations. Stakeholder management in the project is important as the project managers are able to understand the shareholders perceptions and also, they are able to manage and attain the shareholders expectations. Shareholders have different values, objectives, interest and priorities hence shareholder management is necessary in finding a balance. In the Motofest event the shareholders expect that the event will provide entertainment to the public, generate high income and attract a large crowd. Shareholders management facilitates the identification, planning, analysis and implementation of tasks that achieve shareholders requirements.

Identifying of the stakeholders is the initial step in the stakeholder management process. The Motofest stakeholders will be Motor vehicle dealers and various motorsport enthusiast. An analysis of the stakeholder will be carried out through interactions that will help in indicating the stakeholders’ engagement. The project managers will plan ways through which the needs and requirements of all the stakeholders will be met in the project execution (Burke, 2013). The stakeholders’ interactions will be managed throughout the project to ensure that the plans implemented are according to shareholders wants.

Risk Management

Projects are exposure to various uncertainties that may inhibit the completion of a project. Projects are affected by risks due to their unique nature which require special facilitation that may lack in some instances (Chapman, and Ward, 2003). The organization carrying out the project and also the client may contribute to the increased vulnerability of a project. Projects are affected by gradual changes brought about by economic factors, political factors, social factors and natural calamities. Risks in a project comprise of two elements which entails the probability of a risks happening and consequences of the risk. The Motofest event is likely to affected by uncertainties such as unfavorable climatic conditions. Climatic conditions such as floods will cover the motor tracks limiting the movement and demonstrations by cars. Conditions like fog will limit the drivers’ visibility hence causing accidents.

Risks such as earthquakes will destroy the terrain and the prepared tracks. A change in the economy may increase the cost of the project contributing to budget over flows. The Motofest may also be affected by disputes and conflict that might emerge among stakeholders and other connected parties. The disagreement lead to the failure of the project as some parties might choose to pull out of the project. Technological risks such as breakdown of musical systems or malfunctioning of cars are risks that are likely to affect the Motofest.

To avoid the highlighted risks from affecting the Motofest risk management is necessary. Risk management will help the project team to understand the risks and also establish mitigation plans. Risk management will minimize the occurrence and negative impacts of the risk (Chapman, and Ward, 2003). The project managers should analyze the highlighted risk likely to affect the event in order to gauge their probability of occurring and the negative impacts the risks will have on the project (Raftery, 2003). After the analyses the team will be expected to outline mitigation measures that will prevent the risk from occurring or minimize the impacts of the risk. Motofest can mitigate the climatic risks by identifying an alternative location that shares different latitudes. The alternative location will be used in case the initial location is affected by floods, earthquakes or fog.

The team should set aside funds that will be used in case there is inflation of the economy. The reserved amount will cater for additional cost for the project to continue and eliminate instances of the project stopping or failing. The project manager should draft an agreement which clearly states specific terms and conditions to avoid occurrence of conflict and disputes among concerned parties. The managers should procure high quality equipment and engage efficient cars. There should be engineers and IT specialist on standby to offer assistance on any technical or mechanical breakdown. Selected mitigation measures should be monitored through out the project to ensure that they are effective and that risks do not occur (Raftery, 2003). If the risks occur the preventive measures will be observed to limit the negative impacts. The identified risks have no positive impacts hence no opportunities created.

Contemporary Project Management Trends and Drivers

Modern technology is contributing to the rapid changes experienced globally. The changes are causing the emerging of various trends and challenges that are affecting project management. The projects managers are required to understand and manage the emerging changes to utilize their potential and eliminate negative effects. The changes have effects on project management across technological, economic and social domains. A major change is globalization and virtual teams which is facilitated by modern technology. Technology has enabled the coordination and collaboration between employees and team across different boarders. Technology has provided advanced information systems that enable communication among team members in different locations.

Virtual teams are effective in that there is incorporation of a diverse workforce that is highly skilled leading to quality output. Also, projects are completed on time as managers are able to communicate to there team members at any given time from any locations. Meeting are also held via virtual teams hence decisions are made in a faster manner and time wastage is eliminated. The trend has its limitation in that managers require modern skills that conform with the technology. Also, virtual teams are affected by poor network and different time zones. Globalization has led to diversity of workforce which is major driver in project management (Crawford, 2014). A diverse workforce is highly skilled and has different traits from the different cultures and locations. A diverse workforce is very energetic as it is made up of employees from different ages. The workforce is able to complete a project on time and also incorporates modern ideas that increase the quality of a project. Diversification of the workforce has led to multi-generational in workforce which is many cases is faced with conflicts because people from different age groups especial old and young have varying opinions. Also, conflicts are observed due to the presence of different cultural beliefs and norms. The project management is expected to outline rules and regulations that prevent conflicts at the work place.

Open innovative culture is a trend that is being assimilated by companies to retain employees and increase productivity. The open innovative culture is a way of carrying out activities that offers employees freedom and a creative environment. The project managers are offering employees and opportunity to air the ideas which are utilized in the projects. The open culture enables team members to have a balance between their work and personal life. Also, the physical workplaces are being made more creative by utilizing modern technology which is tailored towards employees needs and requirement. Most offices have adapted themes that relate to their work to offer employees a conducive and satisfying workplaces.

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