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Project Management Collaboration

In any multi-organization project, many activities are to be handled; hence there are a lot of team members who carry out various activities to ensure that the project is well-developed. Collaboration within the workplace enables corporations to finish significant projects and meeting critical time limit proficiently. Based on the case scenario, it shows that a multi-organizational project would require careful supervision to ensure that it runs effectively at every stage of development (Lewis, 2016). The team members will be required to be engaging to ensure they are well-informed of the project development to avoid being left behind. This would be met through proper supervision and good communication between team leaders and their team members. The team participants should be able to communicate effectively with the project managers who will give them proper directives and, in the same process, appreciate the work done to motivate them. The collaboration between the project managers in the multi-organization project and the team members will ensure that the project is a success.

The project study highlights three significant factors which will lead to a successful project. These factors are; good leadership quality, proper communication and a good working environment. These factors will lead to a successful project. The project managers should have good leadership qualities, which will help them know how to treat the project team members. Proper communication among all team members, including the project managers, will help them share their problems and views. The team’s environment will determine how effective the team will be in the project development. With numerous individuals working on a specific project, the tasks may be equally and efficiently split between those with the time and the know-how to manage certain tasks. These factors will ensure that team members are; well-informed on the project, optimistic, stress-free, motivated, and comfortable working.

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