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Project Essay Questions | Write My Essay

Question 1: Who has more power in this dispute–the customer or Big Tech, Inc.?  Why?

Power is sought to determine and control an organization’s future, the outcomes of conflicts, and prosperity (Galbraith, 2017). The organization has more power in this dispute since it has the conflict power. Conflict power is the ability to get the needs of the client achieved. During a conflict, each of the involved parties has some degree of power and the ability to impact the outcome of the conflict. The organization, Big Tech, can impact the outcome of the conflict. The organization also has resource power which is the ability to control resources such as reputation. For instance, they are aware that their competitors cannot handle such large accounts.

The organization also has informational power since they have more knowledge about the conflict. Considerably, the organization has more informational power since it can control the information that the customer needs, which puts it in a powerful position. Even though the customer has informational power, the organization has more access to vital information, influencing the conflict.

Question 2: Who has more power in deciding how to respond to this crisis, you or your manager or the SVP?  Why?

The power to respond on the crisis depends on the knowledge and expertise. I have more power in deciding to respond to this crisis. Ideally, the person who responds to the customer should have both expertise and informational power. Expert power entails the perception that an individual has a higher level of knowledge and specific skill set than others within the organization. Expert power comes from having a high level of knowledge and greater skills that other people in the organization see, want and need (Dosi, Marengo, and Virgillito, 2021). This means that they will likely come to you for guidance.

Expert power will influence the customer and make them build trust even during a crisis. Informational power is also important during crisis and conflict since an individual with access to crucial information and specialized technical information can influence the perceptions of the other party. Information power comes from when one knows or understands something better than others making them more reliable.

Question 3: Based on your answers to Questions 1 & 2, what do you tell the three agitated managers in your cubicle?

Engaging and communicating with the managers is the most important during the crisis to ensure that everyone stays positive. During a crisis, this is the time to unite and offer a clear direction that I am ready to help resolve the conflict with the customer. This is not the time to deny, shift blame, or cover up. Honesty and transparency are key both externally and internally.

There is a need to deal with facts that will create a form of persuasion that there is nothing to be blamed for to convince the agitated managers. They need to understand the source of the crisis. Therefore, the first thing is to assure them that the claims of the customer were inaccurate. I will illustrate to them every step of the project and what was done for them to understand the reason why the customer claims are not accurate. I will explain to them every detail of the project to be realistic and relatable.

After creating awareness about the situation, I will explain to them how I will respond to the customer to prove to them that the data provided was accurate. I will acknowledge that a conflict has already occurred. Therefore, the most important thing is to communicate to engage stakeholders, reduce uncertainty to move the business forward with clarity and purpose. Through the use of informational and expertise power, I will prove to them how the conflict can be resolved through my knowledge and skills. I will communicate to the managers about the different solutions and decisions that can be made to resolve the conflict. Offering alternatives to the managers convince them that there is a solution to the risks.

Part II

Question 4:  How would you go about learning and living Big Tech’s culture?  How would the culture be communicated?  What should you do to learn it quickly?

Ideally, the culture of an organization is key to developing traits that are necessary for the success of a company. The organizational culture entails the practice, values and expectations that enlighten and direct the activities of all organizations. An organization’s culture affects all the business aspects from tone to contract terms, punctuality, and employee benefits. When employees align with the culture, they are likely to feel supported, comfortable, and valued. Therefore, there is a need to learn about Big Tech’s culture to align with the company’s objectives and work to build a continuing alignment to their purpose, vision, and goals.

Socialization in an organization is considered an adjustment and learning process that enables an individual to assume the roles within an organization, adopt and fit the organizational culture and needs (Berkelaar and Harrison, 2019). This dynamic process will play a great role in understanding the organization and learning quickly about the organization’s culture, values, norms, and practices. Ideally, learning about the organization’s culture will enable me to adjust to the skills, knowledge, expectations, attitudes, and behaviors required for my responsibilities within Big Tech. The socialization process will rely on several approaches that will understand and accept Big Tech’s culture.

To learn about the culture of Big Tech, I will rely on several ways such as stories, language, observations (symbols), and events (rituals). Understanding Big Tech’s culture will begin by observing its artifacts such as employee behaviors and patterns, employee interactions, physical environment, rewards systems, company policies, and other observable characteristics. This is always a good start in understanding the organization’s culture as well as the appropriate and right behavior. Material artifacts developed by an organization are also effective in learning the cultural orientation of an organization. These symbols are used to convey to employees what is valuable, important, and the kind of behavior that is expected.

Relatively, through interacting with other employees, I will learn about the culture of Big Tech. Ideally, most rewards and behaviors in an organization involve other employees. Therefore, there is a need to engage and interact with other employees to learn more about the organization. Understanding the language used within the different units of the organization will help identify and accept the culture and the willingness to preserve it. Therefore, I will learn the language used within the units of Big Tech to be part of the organization and identify as a member of the organizational culture. Understanding the language and symbols will make me a true “Big Techer.”

Organizational stories are narratives that offer information about significant people and events within the organization. Through organizational stories, I will learn rules breaking, founders, reactions to crises and past mistakes, and other things related to the operations of Big Tech. Ideally, the stories of an organization are powerful tools that boost the cultural values within the organization. The stories will offer examples that I can learn from about Big Tech and employees within the organization. The organizational stories will also help me learn about the past and offer explanations of certain activities and legitimacy of certain practices and exemplify what is essential for the organization.

I will also learn about the culture of Big Tech through ceremonies and rituals. These are a repetitive sequence of activities that reinforce and express the organization’s values, the important goals, and the important people within the organization. These events are essential since they allow collaboration, education, and networking of the team. I will be able to overcome the barriers of uncertainty and ambiguity through having a clear culture, thus working with purpose.

Question 5: How will you know when you were fully socialized and accepted as “Big Teacher?” What are the signs, signals, rituals, etc.?

A successful transition from an outsider to an insider can be seen if I successfully collaborate with the organization team. My contribution to the organizational goals and objectives will indicate that I have been fully socialized and accepted as a “Big Techer.” At this point, I will be able to understand the organization’s operations and identify with them. One of the signs that will indicate that I have been fully socialized and accepted as a Big Teacher is participating in the socialization of new hires. For instance, training new team members would indicate that I have been fully socialized and accepted.

Getting involved in events that help preserve the long-standing norms and values of the organization and being recognized and rewarded for role behaviors will be a good indicator that I am fully socialized and accepted. Relatively, being involved in crucial decision-making would be a clear sign that I have successfully transitioned from an outsider to an insider. Some of the privileges that I would gain from being fully socialized and accepted include sharing information, being involved in decision-making, and socialization of newcomers. This is because I have already gained a set of knowledge and mastered the job tasks that can support the growth of Big Tech.

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