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Project Definition, Scope, Goals, and Domain | Assignment Help

CapraTek is a long history as a leader in the design and manufacture of computer server components. The new development of an integrated wireless system called Alfred was recently announced to provide seamless integration of virtually all home electronics and appliances. Security, heating and cooling, lights, locks, telephone, home entertainment, computers, and gaming devices are controlled through a single, wireless device and a simple Web-based interface.

Opportunities and Challenges

The CapraTek project offers a few challenges upon inspection of the project charter. First and foremost, it is unclear what problem this project is aiming to solve. Yes, updates are important, but without clearly identifying the issues found within the software or those areas needing attention, it will be a waste of time and company resources. The team will not know what type of updates are required to improve the services provided to the consumer successfully. The existing Alfred! The system is hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS) using Red Hat Linux for the servers and Oracle 12c for their database. Their current implementation uses Java, but their mobile web application does not need to be created in Java as it is geared for iOS and not android. Only the basic registration system and database exist in which they can be reused. The benefits and vision for the project and solution are unclear as well. Having a specified and identified problem with a proposed solution and alternative solutions will allow stakeholder support and opportunities to define and prioritize a unified solution that benefits the majority and not only a small fraction of the consumer base. The business analyst coming into the project may run into problems because of the need to help CapraTek define the problem and discover and define the solution. This may be met with opposition from stakeholders and information technology, who are already overly invested in the project.

Project Domain

The project domain is Alfred! System of CapraTek. The domain will include Alfred! Hub is the smart-home integration system connecting consumer electronics, appliances, and devices at home, the Alfred! web application, and the Alfred! iOS application. This is the area covered in the business analysis. The project domain will also include customers who have purchased Alfred!, experts within the CapraTek IT department, and Product Development Team. The CapraTek business processes start the consumer experience at the CapraTek website, where they learn pertinent information about Alfred! and walk through the process of purchasing the hub for home use. A virtual assistant is available on the website. Once the purchase has been made, the customer receives information immediately regarding the setup of the Alfred! System to prepare for system integration upon product delivery. Helpful tips and how-tos are automatically sent to the customer’s email address.

Orders are fulfilled within seven to ten business days. Technical support is available twenty-four hours a day to assist the customer with setup and troubleshoot any issues. Customer service is also available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. All production and service of Alfred! is done at the main headquarters of CapraTek. We stand behind our product with a sixty-day money-back guarantee. Marketing for Alfred! is conducted through social media marketing, television marketing, print campaigns, and email marketing. All customer information gathered, and product information is collected and maintained through secure database servers using industry-standard procedures meeting government regulations. User stories and use cases are utilized to help understand the domain.

Project Scope

The CapraTek project is aimed at building an Alfred! Update that includes an application that is compatible with the latest available iOS version. It will also deliver bug fixes, security improvements, and driver updates. Exclusions for the project include upgrades to the Alfred! The software itself, updates of operating systems other than iOS, and development of training materials. The project will start on July 6, 2020. Task analysis will be completed, and documentation by the project manager will be initiated. This documentation will include cost estimates, risks assessment, and milestones that will aid in solidifying the final scope and project timeline. Paul Huang is the Executive Sponsor for the project. The project will be done by the product development team that will also consist of five software engineers.

Project Goals

The project goal is to create an intuitive iOS application for Alfred! A system that improves services to Alfred! Hub consumers. The application will allow users to add, monitor, control, and track usage for smart thermostats connected to the hub. Upon registration for an account, users will have the ability to log in and out and make changes to their profile through the settings located under the account preferences. This will also include notifications about system availability. Users will have the ability to turn the Energy Eco Mode on and off inside the app. The timeline for the project is set at eight months. The start date is July 6, 2020, with an estimated completion date of March 15, 2020. The total project cost did not exceed 1.4 million.

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