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Professional Development Portfolio Checkpoint | Assignment Writers Online

Professional Development Portfolio Checkpoint


☐ Motivation (chapter 11) which could include: motivation of self or others

☒ Teamwork (chapter 12) which could include how to: accelerate team development, create a high performing team (goals, cooperation, accountability, roles), and/or build effective interpersonal relationships (trust, cohesiveness, constructive conflict).

☐ Individual differences and behaviour (chapter 10) which could include: personality (Big 5), self-efficacy, emotional intelligence, different values/attitudes, reduce distortions in perception (stereotypes, halo effect, recency effect, causal attributes), increase work engagement/satisfaction, manage diversity, stress management.

☐ Leadership (chapter 13) which could include: trialling different leadership styles (e.g., transformational, transactional), sources of power (e.g., legitimate, expert, reward)

☐ Decision-making (chapter 7) which could include: engaging in evidence-based decision making, utilizing different decision-making styles (analytical, conceptual, directive, behavioural), overcoming barriers to decision making (i.e., biases, ethics), trialling group problem-solving techniques.

☒ Communication (chapter 13) which could include improving your: listening, speaking or writing.

☐ Other. Please specify the topic and section of the course/textbook. ______________________

(Choosing another course topic is possible, however, it is important you talk through the selection with your tutor before proceeding.)


Table 1: Summary of evidenceManagement course theories/concepts/frameworks I’ll use to analyse this, include in-text citations.  Go beyond noting the references and listing concepts, theories or frameworks. Write out how these issues relate to your strength/development area.Evidence from Connect self-assessment/s  Evidence from Liberty Air gamulation (e.g. decisions/behaviours during team agreement, gamulation, etc)  Evidence from MGMT1001 Peer Feedback: quantitative & qualitative

Strength is the ability to work together with others as a team and go through the team development process quickly.


In order for a team to achieve efficiency, the members of the team have to have the ability to work together to collectively contribute to the desired outcomes. This does not come automatically, as it has to develop as the team continues to work together. When members are put together as a team, they are most likely to just sit quietly and look at each other. They have no idea of what is expected of them. They are just individuals tasked to work together. As time goes by, they know each other, understand how to divide roles and coordinate work. They begin to work as a team. This process is known as the team development process, developed by Tuckman (Tuckman, B.W. and Jensen, M.A.C. 1977). During the connect self-assessments, I identified that I was good at working with others as a team and was able to establish rapport with my colleagues. During team discussions and agreements, I was able to reason with team members and explain my ideas with them. I was also able to listen to their contributions without dismissing anyone.My peers gave me high scores for ability to work together with others and the ability to listen effectively.

The development area is effective communication skills and improving my grammar.

In our day to day interactions with others, we communicate using diverse ways, especially with increased diversity and technological changes that we experience today. How we communicate with others impacts the way we create and develop relationships (Maguire, P. and Pitceathly, C. 2002). Communicating effectively in work and in life is a very important, and people who cannot communicate effectively are at a disadvantage when it comes to building good relationships in life and at work (Gudykunst, W.B. 2002).During the Connect self-assessments, I was able to identify that I needed to improve my communication skills so as to be able to perform well in my written assignments and improve my scores.During team engagement, I had some difficulties expressing my ideas in writing and verbally as a result of grammar and tense problems.My peers advised that I should improve my communication skills so as to communicate effectively.




I want to develop my communication skills, as I paid little attention to the issue in the past.

Improving my communication skills will go a long way in the improvement of my grades and in the creation of good relationships at work and in life. I want to practice communication skills so that I can reduce the grammar problems, use more professional words, and write clearer frameworks in the writing assignments. I will spend more time in reading some academic articles since there are lots of sentences structures and professional writing styles I can learn from. I will also ask for some feedback on my assignment from my tutors because they will have helpful tips to improve my writing skills. The success criteria I should achieve is to write sentences with academic words and without grammar mistakes. To achieve improved communication skills, my goal is to reduce half of the grammar mistakes in my writing assignments and write sentences with a clear structure in this year. Having been involved in various group assignments and tasks, I have mastered how to integrate with teammates easily to speed up the process of team development and contribute to the achievement of group efficiency. My verbal communication is quite good, as I am able to communicate effectively with my peers and at home. However, I would like to improve my written communication skills, as I face a few challenges with grammar and tenses.

I want to continue to build my motivation since I need maintain a good impetus with my study.

  • I want to continue to build motivation with my study so that I can remind myself to review the topics I learned in tutorials and lecture and achieve a good academic standing. I will be successful if I can focus on each of my assignment and courses. To attain my goal, I need to attend each tutorials and lectures, more importantly I should be conscientious with my group work which means I cannot come late with the activity and stay in good condition during the activity. Furthemore I will try my best to review the comments I learned in classes. To achieve maintain motivation with my study, I need to retain the attendance above 80% and improve my marks with exams as far as possible in this term. My goal is to maintain my attendance above 80% and achieve a good academic standing in this term

I want to improve my teamwork skills to become even better at working together with my colleagues as a team and developing highly efficient work teams.

The ability to work together with others as a team is very important, especially in the workplace and school environments. By working as a team, huge workloads and difficult tasks can be easily handled. Efficiency is improved and deadlines are met. Through involvement in various group activities, I have been able to understand the various stages of team development and how to speed up the initial stages of forming, norming, and storming, in order to achieve team efficiency and improve performance. My goal is to build upon this strength so as to improve it even more and become a team player. This skill will be valuable in my education and work life. The success criteria I should achieve is the ability to join any type of team and quickly blend in to become a good team player. To achieve this goal, I intend to participate in various groups in school and at home.

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