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Problem Statement on a Terrorist Financing Issue | Assignment Helper

Problem Statement

Terrorist financing through drug trafficking has increased over the last couple of years. A good example is opium. Afghan opiates account for the most significant percentage of the global opiate market through trafficking by terrorist groups such as the Taliban. Afghanistan is the world leader in the production and trafficking of opiates. It is estimated that opium trafficking will become the primary source of funding for the Afghan Taliban, thus enabling a significant threat to the national security of Afghanistan and the world at large (Omelicheva, 2019). The issue has become a global menace that needs taking care of before hell breaks loose. With adequate finances, terrorists will be highly motivated to carry out acts of terrorism. All the trafficking is made possible thanks to recruits and support members that maintain logistics hubs and conduct terrorist operations. By doing this, terrorist groups can get the money without directly being involved in the trafficking, making it even more challenging to catch them (Bright et al., 2019). Preventing accessible or all-access to financial resources by terrorist groups is vital to successfully eliminating terrorism.

Worldwide narcotic dealers depend on the administrations of monetary experts, either accidental or on the other hand complicit, to deal with their resources; however, no worldwide framework exists to caution nations or the private area of these people and elements or to freeze the resources of narcotic dealers. Most of the transactions are conducted with cash which is believed to be stored in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) financial system. Among the destination points in the global picture, the UAE appears to hold first place by attracting the most drug-related cross-border flows (Brown & Hermann, 2020). Apart from cash, other methods such as virtual currencies are used, posing a challenge to regulators and law enforcement officers due to their anonymity (Bright et al., 2019). Additionally, trafficking routes are becoming more complex as criminal groups diversify efforts and become progressively sophisticated in conducting the trafficking. The movement of the drugs is either through multiple markets where drugs are distributed through a chain of independent intermediary markets or through cartels who are members of a criminal group that supplies the drugs to the consumers.

How To Mitigate the Issue

To mitigate the menace of drug trafficking, strict measures need to be put in place. Firstly, upgraded worldwide collaboration focused on the trading of data could be considered to caution states and the private area of explicit opiates dealers, their resources furthermore, criminally-related monetary experts, likewise to additional the freezing or seizing of those resources. It may similarly work with worldwide risk evaluation of drug cash streams. Secondly, another strategy and structure might be created to plan ” business models” of unlawful undertakings – this might feature prompt, financially savvy, and practical freedoms to decrease critical risks. Lastly, the prime consideration should likewise be given to difficulties presented by examining and indicting cases, including the maltreatment of new technologies for terrorism financing.


Accomplishing in the worldwide battle against drug trafficking and transnational coordinated money laundering and tax evasion requires interlocking national, regional, and global procedures established in worldwide collaboration. Additionally, governments should increase sanctions of individuals or corporations suspected to be involved in drug trafficking. Also, multilateral international cooperation among governments ensures an integrated approach against drug trafficking and financing terrorist activities.

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