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Probation or Prison Essay | Do My Homework Online

Should Mary Lee be sent to prison or allowed to remain on probation?

Based on the case study, Mary ought to be allowed to remain on probation. This is mainly attributed to the adversities and intolerable situations that compelled Mary to seek other avenues of earning additional revenue by getting involved in illegitimate undertakings, for instance, prostitution, bad check writing, and shoplifting. Because all her kids are dependent on her due to divorce, imprisoning Mary would have a detrimental impact on the kids’ wellbeing as children necessitate effectual and active parental guidance to facilitate positive growth. Moreover, she should not be imprisoned as the welfare society providing support to Mary and her kids would stop providing support in the next 24 hours, proving it difficult for children to live without her backing.

Is there anything else you can do as a probation officer to help Mary Lee make a more successful adjustment regarding living within the limits of the law?

Being a probation officer, I would assist in facilitating a successful alteration concerning living within the confines of the statute by enrolling Mary Lee in a therapy center for extra training and direction regarding ways of living courteously and adhering to the law. By offering counseling, Mary would reform and lead a virtuous life. Moreover, it would assist in guaranteeing that she comprehends the constitution’s stipulations regarding prohibited undertakings she had engaged in, such as shoplifting, bad check writing, and prostitution. Enrolling Mary in a therapy center would likewise assist in instilling a sense of self-control if she lacks basic necessities and aid in seeking the right avenues rather than engaging in illegal activities to meet her needs.

Is it enough for the courts or society to tell someone like Mary Lee not to commit petty larceny, or does our system have a moral duty to provide her with support services that could increase her chance of success?

Society and the courts should inform Mary that partaking in minor illegal undertakings, for instance, theft, may result in her incarceration. Mary must understand that engaging in petty theft is against the morals of a society, as she ought to work hard to guarantee her accomplishment and development like other citizens. I believe that the system is tasked with the moral obligation of providing Mary with the support services she requires to enable her to accomplish her desires in future.  The system ought to provide employment prospects to keep her busy and engaged with work, averting her attention from illegitimate undertakings. As a result, she would be capable of providing for her children and lead a comfortable life away from crime.

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