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Prioritization of Space Allocation

The prioritization of sports space is fundamental for Division II facilities. Due to constrained budgetary allocation for different sporting and physical activities require critical planning. It is paramount to make thorough considerations and assessments to ensure the space allocation for Division II facility is effectively distributed. The discussion below elaborates on the factors to consider in the prioritization of space allocation in Division II facilities.

Prevalence of Health Impacts. Physical education, athletic programs, recreation, and summer camps programs. The health impacts created by the activity is vital to ascertain prioritization of the facility. The higher the health impacts an activity has, the better to healthy living (Kohl & Cook, 2013). Therefore, the higher the prevalence of health impacts ascertain better treatment in the future.

Number of Participants in Respective Entity. Each activity has a higher number of activities that the scrutiny is done. The higher the number of participants in a particular program, the higher the significance and popularity of the problem. Therefore, the number of participants is directly to demand and need to prioritize it.

Frequency of Use. Each group visiting the sporting facility have its own schedule and time allocation. The frequency of visiting and using the facilitate and resources is integral to the prioritization of space allocation (Zullo, 2018). This requires high discipline and commitment to achieve the expected results. The higher the frequency, the higher the demand. Therefore, the emphasizes in the frequency of uses that attains the prioritization opportunity. Thus, the priority is in accorded to impacts, demand, and use of programs.

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