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Principles of selling

The three businesses I visited included a food store, a mobile phone dealer, and a bank. The three businesses’ experiences were utterly different, where each offers a very varying type of products and services with a different model and approach to the customers. Upon entry in the food store, there was no one to welcome me at the get, where I had to fetch myself a sitting position. Nevertheless, the store setting looked great, with amazing interiors, art pieces, and facilities. The foods also looked yummy, a factor that attracted me to making a purchasing choice. The customer service at the food store was average, which could be attributed to the fact that many consumers were waiting to be served. However, I enjoyed the experience at the food store, where I made a purchase of the food on their menu, which was terrific. Before my departure, the person who was serving me thanked me and asked me to revisit the store for more delicacies at an affordable rate.

The next store to visit was the mobile phone dealer store. The salesperson manning the gate was very welcoming and even gave me a tour of the store, where I would have a view of the products they were selling. The store was relatively less attractive than the food store due to its smaller room capacity. The salesperson was very vocal and exciting in his tour, where he encouraged me to make a purchase. The customer experience was excellent since I felt appreciated, and my presence acknowledged. Nevertheless, I did not purchase any product since it was not in my budget. However, I plan to visit the store in a few months to make a purchase. The salesperson in this store clearly turned me into a lifetime customer due to his exemplary ethical conduct and persuasive language.

The third store was my local bank. There was no one to welcome me upon arrival. Instead, there was an automated machine, where I picked my waiting cared. There was a long line, and a majority of the staff members were rude.  The customer service at the bank was below average, and after waiting for hours, I left without getting served as compared to the two other stores.  I was not convinced by the salesperson to be loyal to the bank due to its poor service delivery.

A successful salesperson is one who can satisfy the clients’ needs through listening and having empathy, which is knowing what a customer feels and needs. He/she is able to show confidence in the product or service and is enthusiastic about his/her career. Other excellent characteristics of a successful salesperson include networking ability, competitiveness, humility, and resiliency (Starr, 2017).  An outstanding salesperson can juggle deals he/she is trying to close with promising leads, meaning that he /she ought to be a great multitasker.

From my three visits, it is evident that the salesperson at the bank did not meet the qualifications of a great salesperson since he failed to possess some of the stated vital characteristics.  The salesperson on the mobile phone dealer store was excellent since she poses the vital characteristics of a great salesperson. The food store salesperson needs to improve on some of her attributes to become better in her service delivery.

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