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Primary Care: Essay Sample

Primary care is often offered in outpatient services where patients are exposed to a preliminary medical diagnosis to ascertain the cause of their underlying health conditions. It should be noted that primary care plays an important role in establishing various aspects that affect the health status of an individual. Physicians use the manifesting symptoms to draw a conclusion that enables other health practitioners in handling the patient (Fiscella & McDaniel, 2018). Various health facilities offer outpatient services to visiting patients suffering from mild medical conditions. However, a reactive or proactive approach is often developed based on health condition of an individual. Therefore, physicians administer a viable treatment approach after examining the underlying symptoms manifested by patients.

Alternatively, primary care can also be administered to continuing patients with long-term medical problems that affect the quality of their life. When this happens, it becomes critical to identify the best approaches people can use to overcome various issues that interfere with their perspectives towards life. Outpatient health facilities differ significantly from the specialized health centers because of their ability to offer extensive care that caters to the different needs of individuals (Hockenberry, Joski, Yarbrough, & Druss, 2019). While outpatient service centers may be costly, specialized medical facilities are expensive because of the medical input that is directed towards resolving the patient’s underlying problems.

Medical practitioners administer a viable treatment approach after examining the underlying symptoms manifested by patients. While this can be realized when offering primary care, various patient scenarios require intensive care that is costlier than the basic medical services (Barnes, Richards, McHugh, & Martsolf, 2018). From this realization, the treatment process is largely guided by the different medical conditions that affect a patient and the level of input dedicated towards achieving a sustainable solution.

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