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Preventing obesity | Leading Homework Help service

Schools taking steps to either minimize or reduce the sale of soda is not an efficient way of dealing with obesity. Other than schools, there are other places where the learners are likely to get the soda. Implementing the burn on drinks in schools alone is not efficient in preventing obesity. The learning institutions should instead create awareness on the dangers of the sodas. By instilling knowledge to the students, they are likely to avoid the intake of sodas even when they are away from learning institutions. Consequently, the danger of obesity could be better reduced.

I agree with the suggestion that individuals should pay their medical bills personally rather than through medical schemes.  Individuals are likely to be careful when they spend money directly, rather than when the money is paid through insurance covers. Even with these suggestions, instead of making individuals pay directly, a mode could be adopted to facilitate payment of the bills by the employers through money directly deducted from the paychecks among the employees. The alternative model would be better since, although the funds used for paying the bills belong to individual employees, it can be accessed at any time when needed.

Increasing taxation for high-calorie foods is efficient in fighting obesity. It is, however, not the best way of fighting obesity. Through the creation of high tax for high-calorie food, most individuals, especially from the low-income class, are likely to avoid the foods. They could, however, be affordable and accessible to the middle income and the high-income societies. The middle and high-income societies are consequently likely to continue with the intake of the foodstuffs. Control of obesity would apply to only a section of the population, rather than the entire community.

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