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Pressure Altimeter and Density | Physics Homework Help Online

The temperature was 46 degrees, an aspect that appeared to bother Harry’s co-pilot. Initially, the couple had expected the temperatures to be slightly higher because of the weather predictions. However, it was cooler than they had anticipated, a move that saw Harry regain confidence throughout the entire flight. For this reason, it became impossible for Harry to control the plane because of the high temperatures.

Question Two

Flying and controlling the helicopter in Page, Arizona was affected by the hot temperature and low density, which hindered the pilot from reaching low altitude. Unlike the aircraft that could fly lowly, the helicopter was compelled to maintain a consistent altitude to beat the high temperature and low-density levels. Since a helicopter has easily mobility compared to other aircrafts, its inability to fly low due to the high temperatures affected Harry’s shooting plan.

Question Three

Pressure, temperature, and humidity have a significant impact on altitude density because of their impact on the ability of pilots to control their planes. Understanding the factors affecting the ability of Harry to fly the aircraft, it becomes possible for individuals to comprehend the relationship between altitude density and temperatures.

Question Four

When flying at a high altitude, the pressure is usually low. In this case, pilots such as Harry demonstrate the different maneuvers that can be explored to discover the desired objectives. At any given time, flying low offers numerous benefits to photographers because of aspects such as shot clarity among others.

Question Five

Before flying, one should set the altimeter to the desired altitude to notify them in case of any unanticipated outcome. In this regard, the altimeter acts as a control safety tool that enables an individual to overcome situations before they can interfere with their flying pattern.

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