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Presenting Stereotypes of Marginalized Groups Paper | Paper Writers

The essay examines the pros and cons of equal presentation of all groups in society to eliminate the stereotypes against the marginalized. This is integral to enable the cooperation and productivity of all people in society without fear of discrimination. The capacity to present stereotypes of marginalized groups in society such as minorities, women, and LGBTQ people is of profound importance to establish fairness and equality of all humankind. The paper writing discusses the importance of fairness, equality, and cohesion of society as a crucial aspect in pros towards the equal presentation of all groups in society (Sumerau et al., 2021). Also, a consideration of enhancing the productivity and competitiveness of all humans is integral to having an inclusive society. Nevertheless, there are extensive cons associated with the equal presentation of stereotypes of all groups in society. The adverse effect of giving the marginalized a voice is spreading their norms, practices, and beliefs which may induce negative effects in society. This forms the most con discussed against giving people an equal chance in society. However, the conclusion notes that inclusivity is vital and surpasses all adversities of equal presentation.

It is fundamental to note that equal and fair treatment of people from all genres in the community is vital for a sound society. This implies that every member of society is given an equal and fair opportunity to live. As a result, this impacts the quality of life and overall happiness of society. All humans have equal rights and personalities or groups that one subscribes should not form the basis of determining their access in society (Everett et al., 2019). This is bound to impact building a strong and vibrant society that cares and concerns issues of all its people. Therefore, equal and fair treatment should be the guiding principles in how society operates.

Inclusivity is a strong feature impacting the cohesiveness, productivity, and competitiveness of the society. The ability to include all groups of the society ascertains that every member participates in the growth and development of a society. This contributes to the expansion and progress of the community that is integral to its overall survival. The ability of a society to utilize all its members’ impacts positively on its advancement (Klysing et al., 2021). Every member despite the group they belong to has profound values to induce in the society. Therefore, it is paramount for all groups to engage collectively and cooperatively without reservations about what one is or beliefs or practices they practice.

On the other hand, promoting fairness, equality, and inclusivity gives all groups a voice to champion and promote their norms, beliefs, and practices. This may prove to be highly controversial in society as some practices are not widely accepted. For example, minority groups with practices culture of female genital mutilation (FGM) given a fair presentation of their practices are retrogressive to society. Also, championing for LGBTQ culture while it respects the humans of the affected individuals is bound to influence others in society (Garcia & Otto, 2019). This is destined to erode family values and the culture of a strong and vibrant society committed to recreation. Stereotypes towards marginalized groups in society present a complex scenario in the assessment of the impact the group induces on society.

Therefore, to conclude, it is essential to note that no group in society is perfect. The adverse effects of certain cultures and practices should not be the basis to deny equal rights as human beings. All humans are equal and should possess equal opportunities in society to advance their course. The plight of society is founded on how it treats is marginalized people as it presents chances to build a vibrant, cohesive, competitive, and productive culture. Thus, growth, development, and progress are distributed across the society without having certain groups drag others behind.

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