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Presentation Software

In modern courtrooms, trial presentation and presentation graphics software are basically used to present exhibits technologically. Presentation programs are used to build a presentation by organizing transcripts, evidence, photographs, and images into slides. With computer presentation programs, electronic dispositions that are visually fascinating can be generated. With the use of Microsoft Office PowerPoint, dispositions for exhibits and trials using charts, graphs, text, video, and sound, among other things, can be created (Nigrini, 2020). Other presentation programs are formulated for practicing attorneys. Presentation programs are also used in dispositions of forensic authentications by the witness. Presentation programs are primarily used in significant cases or during lengthy trials involving big firms, including murder cases, corruption cases, theft cases, and terrorist attack cases.

Computer presentation programs are effective, especially when presenting evidence in cases that have many exhibits. Presentations programs transform bulky documents into effortlessly retrievable pieces of evidence. Evidence can be “burned” on to CD and stored on the counsel table. Through the help of presentation programs, one can easily retrieve exhibits and represent it to the Jury and replay it any time. When Jury needs to view and understand exhibits like; graphs, documents, drawings, computer printout, sketches, and photographs, virtual presenter are an extremely significant trial tool (Tait & Goodman-Delahunty, 2016). When choosing the best presentation programs, some things need to be considered, such as how it is easy to use? can audio be added to the presentation? Can documents be animated, is it cloud-based or desktop, and does it have a brand kit? Some of the best representation programs include; Google Slides, Visme, Prezi, Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint, Slides, Zoho Show, Canva, FlowVella, Slidebean, Haiku Deck, and Microsoft Sway.

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