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Preparing a technical communication | College Assignment Writers

Technical communication involves passing information to an audience by mode of writing but not verbally (Raman and Sharma, 2015). For effective technical communication, there are factors that must be considered when preparing a technical communication document to enhance better understanding of the issue at stake. These include use of global English, Creation of a persona, Easy writing and timeless writing.

Use of Global English

Global English is a style of English is logical and literal which makes it more easily understood. In order to accommodate all the readers, it is essential to use a style of English that is easily understood (Anderson, 2013). This has a strong connection with the technical communication principles of clarity and precision. Use of global English means being alert of the information that can be simply misunderstood or difficult to comprehend.

Creation of A Persona

The core of good technical communication is writing for an audience. In the document planning process, the audience need to be defined and should be considered at each step of the writing process. Technical writer ought to know different information about an issue without having any contradictions. A persona is to be created after identification of the audience.  The writer needs to have a picture in mind of the person who will be reading the document and should make it easy for the person to understand. At times the persona is fictional, where instead of a theoretical audience, the document should be written for an albeit fictional person.

Writing Should Be Easy

Writing should be easy because the planning process was thorough. All key materials, relevant details, and the audience will be captured and organized. A complete document in a condensed format is the expected final results. Writing merely fleshes out this compact version. In case of uncertainty on how to phrase an idea while writing, the audience should be considered. When unsure of what data to be included, reference to your mind should be considered to see if the data fits (Alred, Brusaw and Oliu, 2009). Good attributions are also necessary. References are seen as a tool for maintaining a concise and valuable document for the audience.

Writing Should Be Timeless

A technical document is in a way contribution to prosperity. This because it involves passing technical knowledge to the reader. For timeless writing, dates and timelines are included where necessary. Temporary information and time dependent information should be avoided. This because a document may be used as a reference material 20 years to come or maybe more. Software directives acts as the basis for future manual of updated version. A document should be clear and comprehensible now and later. This shows need for a timeless document.

Technical communication is concise, clear and objective since it is designed to instruct or inform the audience with a specific objective in mind Technical communication is centered on audience focus and good planning. The above tips offer different practical methods and perspectives to accomplish these goals.

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