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Preparing A Snack Essay | Online Paper writing Service

Preparing a snack for eight and nine-year-old children requires the consideration of likability of the snack by the audience, and it is vital to prepare a healthy snack that would provide nutritional benefits. A smoothie is an essentially healthy snack choice as it contains high levels of vitamins, and it can be further enhanced to include additional nutrients (Martinez et al., 2018).

Ingredients and Recipe

  1. It is necessary to have fresh fruits, as they would provide high levels of nutritional value.
  2. The next step is the identification of the liquid to use as the liquid base for the smoothie. Depending on personal preferences, there is a wide range of alternatives, including milk and other dairy products such as yoghurt. Other liquids that could be used include coconut milk or water.
  3. Measure the liquid to ensure that it enough to serve all those present and pour it into the blender. Add an appropriate amount of the chosen fruit to the liquid to ensure that the desired taste would be achieved.
  4. Honey or maple syrup, can also be added to the enhance the taste of the smoothie.
  5. Vegetables, such as spinach and kiwi to make it even more nutritious
  6. Add protein powder or a selection of nuts or peanut butter to enhance the protein characteristics of the smoothie.
  7. Stir until the desired texture has been achieved and blend
  8. Chill the smoothie in a refrigerator to achieve a chilled and frosty effect.

Explanation and Justification

The choice of the recipe is determined by the lifestyle of children between eight and nine years. As the audience is composed of children without the capacity of engaging in high-level tasks, the choice of the smoothie is essential. Smoothies are easy to make, and the process can be easily learned. Additionally, the process is not hectic and does not involve techniques that could lead to the infliction of injuries. A smoothie can also be highly modified to facilitate the generation of an end product that is highly nutritious, containing vitamins, minerals, fiber and proteins (Hull et al., 2017). The highly nutritious end product perfectly fits the audience as children at this age require high levels of nutrients for their active lifestyles and effective growth.3-615.

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