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Pregnancy Diagnosis | Homework Help Online


Pregnancy is diagnosed after a missed menstrual cycle. A urine test is conducted where one is said to be pregnant is the results turn positive.


Pregnant women are exposed to a wide range of risks that affect their health status. Risk factors such as obesity and hypertension threaten the mother’s health and that of the unborn child.


When a pregnant woman contracts asthma, she is exposed to maternal complications that expose the unborn child to a series of health risks. Women are encouraged to visit a health facility whenever they experience shortness of breath, tight chest, and wheezing. However, during the gestation period, it is common for women to experience chest tightness and wheezing because of the different changes taking place in their body.

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Clinical Manifestations

High levels of hCG and ultrasound confirmation of a gestation sac are the clinical manifestations that are used to validate pregnancy among women. However, pregnant women experience signs such as tenderness in their breasts, missed menstrual cycle, and morning sickness.


Pregnant women may experience various body changes that range from fatigue to increased appetite because of the inclusion of another dependent in their body system. In this regard, women are encouraged to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly to achieve the required fitness goals that facilitate the pregnancy process.

Pharmacological and Nonpharmacological Management

Postpartum depression affects many women after giving birth because of the rigorous gestation period that interferes with their lifestyle. Many perinatal women are skeptical about embracing antidepressants because of the medical impact of the dosage on the fetus and the newborn (Dimidjian & Goodman 2009). Hence, pharmacological and nonpharmacological management strategies require women to make informed decisions that address the situation by exposing the affected population groups to a series of health benefits.

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