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Pre-Assessment Activity | Research Paper Writing Help


The conduct of the pre-assessment activity drives the creation of the targeted learning activities. The development of the pre-assessment activity in the learning process plays a fundamental role in ascertaining that learners are highly considered to address their learning needs. The target teaching activities relies on the use of pre-assessment activity to inform the learning practices and activities to be included in the programs. This is critical towards inducing positive impact in the learning process of the students and facilitate them towards attaining their education goals. Therefore, this essay examines the impacts of utilization of the pre-assessment activity in informing learning programs and enhanced of the student’s performance levels.

How the results of the pre-assessment affect the revision of the targeted teaching activity?

The revision of the targeted teaching activity is positively affected by the results of the pre-assessment. This is based on the fact that the pre-assessment data comprises of the views, perceptions, attitudes, and needs of the students. The revision of the targeted teaching activity is therefore, enhanced to meet the identified objectives and needs of the students. The revision of targeted teaching activity can be enriched to ascertain that the students gain the most from the program. Hence, utilization of diverse teaching practices that resonate with the students’ needs is essential to the improvement of the performance levels.

How formative assessments of the identified student’s ongoing learning during an activity might be conducted.

The formative assessments of identified students’ ongoing learning can be conducted through the identification of the learning needs for the respective student. This is analyzed on the basis of comparing the data and objective and the current performance status. For example, to ensure the students improves in sciences, mathematics, engineering, and technology subjects, use of practical and field work programs can be essential in enhancing their performance. This is examined on the basis of the achievement of the current objective per assessment. Therefore, the formative assessments are run concurrently with the ongoing learning activity to determine the students’ understanding capacity.

How the pre-assessment and the learning objective are aligned?

In overall, the two are aligned by the need to enable the learners attain the most from the learning activity. The main objective is embedded in creating an enabling environment where learners understanding and achievement capacity is enhanced in the execution of the activity. Therefore, the two work together to achieve one overall objective – learners’ performance.

How the student’s interests were considered when designing the pre-assessment and the targeted teaching activity?

The consideration of the student’s interests entails the foundation of the exercise. This design of the pre-assessment and targeted teaching activity founded and informed by the research examining the student’s needs, expectations, and objectives. This is critical to mold the needs and objectives in the activities ascertaining the significance of the exercise in attaining higher performance capacity. Learner’s needs and objectives form the epicenter of the pre-assessment and targeted teaching activity.

How you plan to implement what you observed in your future teaching practice.

In the future of my teaching practice, I will strive to conduct my targeted teaching activities centered on students’ needs and objectives. This is to ensure that my role as an educationist serve the greater good of the community by molding individuals to become better citizens. Education holds the key to unlock unlimited potentials. Hence, student’s-centered teaching practices will be my drive in the implementation of my observations from the exercise.


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