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Possibilities for the Future Case Study | Assignment Writers

Case 1

Many people take medication to treat depressive episodes, such as antidepressants, but natural methods can also help manage signs and lower the risk of future episodes. In Tim’s case, there is a range of future aspects that he can engage in. Foremost, he can have talk therapy. Psychotherapy can assist Tim in identifying the causes of depression and finding practical solutions. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which can help Tim find new ways of thinking and acting, and psychoanalysis, which often looks into past issues, are all options. Therapy can occur one-on-one, in a group setting, or with affiliates or family members (Egan & Reese, 2019). Second, Tim can engage in exercise. Those having trouble getting started with training could try 5 minutes of walking or another pleasant activity in the morning and another 5 minutes in the afternoon. Increase gradually over the next few weeks and months.

Case 2

A goal is realistic if the client has access to the resources required to achieve it, the goal is under the client’s control, and external forces do not prevent it from being completed. In this case, the nun should consider talking to people in the roles that interest her. It may still be worthwhile to cultivate relationships with these teams or individuals in case an opportunity arises in the future (Egan & Reese, 2019). As a next step, the nun could recommend to the supervisor that the overall output would enhance if she were given more time to provide this training. With this approach, she may even be eager to create a positive change for your team, as others may be feeling the same way she is.

Case 3

For Marcus’ case, assisting his brother may lead to distinct possibilities in the future. Foremost, there is an increased possibility of his brother going back to debts if he may need to seek credit facilities. Therefore, his brother should keep the number of cards to a minimum. Multiple credit cards imply numerous payments and various instances of tacked-on interest. Second, have a backup emergency fund. For those “just-in-case” situations, emergency savings are critical. When attempting to establish an emergency savings account, it is suitable to have at least six months of his salary saved up.

Case 4

Being a widower, the 64-year-old man can engage in certain activities to prevent the feeling of no “completeness” in his life. Foremost, a sense of loss can be incredibly distressing for a person (Goll et al., 2018). He should spend more time with his sons and grandchildren. In doing so, he would cheer up and forget the feeling of loneliness. Second, the client should consider volunteering at a local animal shelter. It can help him get out of the house, make new friends, and spend the entire day hanging out and playing with the animals. Lastly, the client should consider getting pets such as dogs and cats to prevent loneliness.

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